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Get to Know: Marvin Williams

February 11, 2014
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From David Locke’s “Get to Know” series with Jazz players.


First team ever played on: East Bremerton Eagles (pee wee basketball).

First buzzer beater: With the East Bremerton Eagles.

First dunk: 7th grade at lunchtime, in blue jeans, Old Navy sweatshirt and Allen Iverson shoes.

First time you ever saw yourself on TV: Replay of McDonald’s All-American Game.

First nickname: Junior.

First car ever driven: Mom’s car.

First CD: Tupac.

First video game ever played: Madden.

First autograph: Mike Tyson. Met him in 7th grade at the airport in Las Vegas.

First big purchase: Diamond earrings.

First time you ever got in trouble as a kid: Not finishing household chores before mom got home.

First pet: Rottweiler.

First kiss: 4th grade, after school. I remember the girl, but I’m not going to say her name.

Best game ever played: Meningitis game senior year. 48 points.

Worst game ever played: High school game with Coach Roy Williams from North Carolina watching. Three early fouls, finished with 4 points.

Best place ever traveled to: Hong Kong, hands down.

Quickest player you’ve ever played against: Allen Iverson.

Strongest player you’ve ever played against: Shaquille O’Neal.

Best meal ever: Anything my grandmother cooks.

Hardest workout ever: College conditioning.

Maddest you’ve ever been: A few times. It’d have to be at one of my brothers, for sure.

Earliest you ever woke up to work out: 4 a.m.

Best friend in the league: Ray Felton.

Best movie ever: The 40-Year-Old Virgin.

Best TV show ever: Martin.

Dinner with three people, dead or alive: Mom and two brothers.

Last sport played besides basketball: Soccer.

Last vacation: Barcelona.

Last item bought: Pair of shoes.

Last music downloaded: Drake.

Last bad grade: D in drama freshman year of college.

Last good grade: A this summer.

Last time you were scared: Two weeks ago. I can’t share.

Last time you were incredibly happy: Yesterday.

Last time you cried: Last week.

Last book you read: Andre Agassi’s autobiography.

Reason for jersey number: Paul Millsap had No. 24, so I ended up with No. 2.

If you could come back as any NBA player: Michael Jordan.

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  1. Alec permalink
    February 11, 2014 8:48 pm

    He plays soccer, drives to europe and names Shaq an Iverson. What an oldschool type of guy. Great!


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