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Game 50 of 82: Utah Jazz vs. Miami Heat (17-33)

February 9, 2014

Four-part game summary:




rudy tweet

Post-Game Quotage
** Tyrone Corbin, asked to talk about Marvin Williams’ performance
He and Richard [Jefferson], you know, I, you know, I can’t say enough about how their focus and their desire to help this young group grow, and their play and within that has been great at giving us a chance to be compettive every night, and the guys are responding to ’em. And we really appreciate what they’re doing for us.
** Corbin, asked to talk about Enes Kanter’s performance
I thought all the guys did a great job after last night. The bench was super for us. Diante Garrett didn’t score a lot of points for us, I thought he played some great minutes for us there. And Gordon [Hayward] didn’t score a lot of points, but he made some great assists for us. Enes, you know, was back to his old self. We were able to go through him a little, for lis–a little, especially on the post, and he made some great plays for us.
** Corbin, on how vocal Marvin Williams is
He’s a winner. And he is just a winner, man. And he’s been through a lot in this league, his first few years in Atlanta, understanding what it took to grow with a young team, and not liking that feel. So he’s using that experience he had then to help this young group grow, and as I said, in time before, he’s been super with this group, man.

** Richard Jefferson, asked if this was as good a scheme to play LeBron James as he’s ever seen
Tonight, we were fortunate to come out and get a victory…I’ll stick with the political answer.
** Jefferson, then asked if it just came down to making shots vs. not making shots
I don’t want to just focus on [James]. I’d like to focus on the way we played as a team, not necessarily just, you know, shutting down LeBron or [Dwyane] Wade…Marvin had some words for our team after our Dallas loss, in just the way we kinda came out and the way we’ve been playing lately. So, this was more of a team win than it was, you know, schemes or shutting down LeBron.


** Marvin Williams on his 3-point shooting
Oh, man. I gotta give God the glory, man. I gotta give God the glory. I’ve been working hard with my dad whenever I can, and trying to work hard at practice and rest my Achilles’ at the same time. But just the way teams are playing us, our guards, man, are doing a good job of getting penetration and finding me out there, and I’m getting open looks.
** Marvin, asked why he’s been touching the floor after made 3-pointers (gif above)
That’s for somebody special. She knows what it’s for.

ray trey

** Trey Burke on his conversation with Ray Allen
He was basically just talking to me about, you know, getting a routine, you know, early on in your career. Taking care of your body, you know, getting the proper amount of rest, all the little things that veterans do that rookies should do, and I took a lot away from it. I talked to him for about 20 minutes, and it was a good, great convo…It was a great experience getting to talk to him, and it was even a better win.

(Of course, Steve Brown then responds with the U(I)DQM, “Congratulations, maybe something rubbed off.”)

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