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Bits from Tyrone Corbin Interview (Dan Le Batard Show), 2/5

February 6, 2014
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What has been your most embarrassing coaching moment so far?
You put a guy in a game when you leave a guy out there one or two plays too long. I mean, it’s, it happens, you know?

You make decisions, and they work out, and you’re great. You make ’em, and they don’t, and you say, “Ugh, shouldn’t have put him in there.”

What do you hate most about being head coach of the Utah Jazz?
You have to spend so much time with the media. You know, every morning, before games, you have–and you guys are great. I love it.

But you know, you do shootarounds, and then you come back right before the game to talk again. You talk after the game. It’s, so many things and the same questions keep coming up. I wish we would find a time to get that once a day.

* Corbin doesn’t talk to the media at home game shootarounds and hasn’t for two years.

On what it was like following the legendary Jerry Sloan
It’s a different animal, you know, because there, you know, you deal with all the comparisons and the team was different after we traded Deron Williams and we were going through a rebuilding process there for those two years.*

But everything that you do, everything that happens with the team, it falls back on us. Somebody somewhere say, “Well, Jerry Sloan would’ve done it this way” or “Jerry Sloan wouldn’t have tolerated this” or whatever wouldn’t have happened with him. And it’s a difficult balance trying to find who you are.

* The Jazz were rebuilding those two years?

Tyrone Corbin, Unintentional Dirty Quote Machine (UDQM)
** Corbin on his playing days: The way they allowed the guys to put their hands on you, they were gonna have it on you for 48 minutes. So, although I enjoyed it, there were teams like that that really got me ready to play. (H/T @5kl)
** Corbin‘s advice for Paul George on locker room talk: You keep it inside, and it’s all well and good.
** Corbin on when he knew his playing days were over: I was like, “You know what? It might be time to do something else, ’cause I just can’t move like I wanted to move.” So it’s, you just, your body don’t respond to what your mind is thinking, and the guys in the game got too fast for me.

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