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Bits from Tyrone Corbin Interview, 2/4

February 5, 2014
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On a coach’s job to figure out what works best for each individual player
That’s part of being, you know, a young group. You know, figuring out how do you reach different guys, how do you reach the team…With young guys, it’s up and down. I mean, one night the guys is super, and the next night he maybe can’t find his way to the court.

So you gotta figure out how you can grow ’em through the process and get ’em to find a consistent balance in their play so you know what you gon get from ’em every night.

With Enes Kanter’s youth and inconsistent focus, can you tell whether he has it from tip-off?
I do think there’s signs early in the game, but the NBA game, you may not start off playing your best game, and you, if you work at it, and find out how you can be effective in those night, on one of those nights, then you can stay on the floor.

But there are things that happen in the beginning of the game you can have a sense that, you know, we gotta find something to tweak it to get him going or he’s not gonna have one of his better games.

On Trey Burke and the rookie wall
He’s not the only one that’s, you know, kinda struggling this little final stretch here before the All-Star break. But it’s part of the process of growing. He’s a high-character guy. He’s a great competitor. Where his body’s learning a lot about how, he’s learning a lot about how to manage his body in these difficult times for him, but he’ll get better. He’ll figure it out.

On Alec Burks’ performance over the past month
He, you know what, he’s accepted where he is and what we axe him to do. You know, as all guys, we tell him to work to be a starter. And there are times that he deserve to start, but for where we are right now, we need his punch off the bench…

He’s responded very well since we put him back into the role coming off the bench.

On how critical Marvin Williams is to the team
Just huge, you know. Immeasurable, really. Not just, you see the stuff on the floor during the game that he does for us, but in the locker room, on the practice floor everyday. He come in, he’s a positive guy, he’s a working guy.

At times we have to pull him back and take him out of things that he wanna be involved in, trying to save him. We axe him to play a different position for him this year, playing the “four” spot for us, and fighting with big fours every night and being able to spread the floor on offensive end to be able to give some space for our perimeter driving guys to attack the basket.

So, I can’t say enough about how much we appreciate him and then who he is and his professional approach to the game. (1280)

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  1. Berdj Joseph Rassam permalink
    February 5, 2014 1:05 pm

    The Jazz need more talent going forward; a rebuilding year is an understatement for this team and this season.

  2. bebop permalink
    February 5, 2014 1:58 pm

    I feel ty goes out of his way to troll fans….


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