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Jerry Sloan Day: Photo Roll

February 1, 2014
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(Will be updated as the day goes on.)

Via @mamail32

BfVPF3cCAAMFEi3.jpg-largeThis may very well be the greatest photo in Jazz history. Karl and John and Kay Malone(?) showing off their flip phones. Remember, this is Stock’s *new* phone that he just got two months ago. He needed to get this new phone after dropping his previous one, which he had for 10 years, in water. Via @Kylee_Annie32.

BfVn3lKCIAENZwa.jpg large jazzLetter to Jerry from President Obama. Via @utahjazz.

For anyone that needs/wants to Google Translate this, it says:

Dear Coach–
Congratulations on your long and remarkable career with the Jazz. Utah justly honors you for the standards of excellence you set with the Mailman and Stockton. But us Bulls fans still claim you for your grit and work ethic.

Best of luck in the future. With great admiration,
Barack Obama

Jerry with some of the guys: Karl, Bryon Russell, Hot Rod Hundley, Stock, Thurl Bailey, Mark Eaton, Frank Layden, Scott Layden, John Crotty…via @dlocke09

Wives’ reunion: Nada Stockton, ?, Kay Malone and Kimberli Russell, via @kimberlirussell

Jerry speaking at the pre-ceremony luncheon, via @utahjazz

malone russellKarl and John with Kimberli Russell, and Kay Malone with B-Russ. Via @kimberlirussell and @mamail32

Mehmet Okur, Bryon Russell and Howard Eisley, via @dlocke09

eisley charter

Karl and Memo, and Stock in the background. Via @DJJazzyJody

karl eis russHoward Eisley, Karl Malone and Bryon Russell

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  1. RedRockJazz permalink
    February 1, 2014 10:38 am

    This makes me smile so much!


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