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Game 46 of 82: Utah Jazz vs. Golden State Warriors (16-30)

February 1, 2014

Sorry Jazzmen. You played a good game but you were the B-plot tonight. Watched the entire game…and have no idea how it went.

It was fantastic to experience that Delta Center vibe/buzz again for the first time in years, though.

karl thumb

john thumb

** Tyrone Corbin, pre-game
Whatever you do in practice, you can’t emulate a complete game. So [schedule] throws you off. And then you want to go hard in practice but you gotta be careful trying not to get guys hurt. And where we were, we needed to get guys some rest because we had so many games early. But you have to work to get better also. So, and only [way to do that] is going hard. So you gotta pick spots and time how you push guys.

bruss drunkBryon Russell, life of the party lol

** Tyrone Corbin, post-game
We’re playing hard. We just gotta get a little better.
** Corbin on whether this loss hurt more because it was Jerry Sloan Night
Any loss hurt. You know? I mean, it’s a loss. And that hurt us.

** Diante Garrett on whether the arena felt different tonight
It was different ’cause it was a packed house. But it ga–brung energy to us, and gave everybody a push to just go hard. And it helped us out.

garrett shirt

Random Stuff, etc.
** So good to see Hot Rod looking so well :)

rock rod

hot rod jerry

To close: These really shouldn’t be a thing.

fav milk

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