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Bits from Sidney Lowe Interview, 1/28

January 29, 2014
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Why 26 minutes for Trey Burke and 21 for John Lucas III against Sacramento?
You know, that’s a decision CACH [Tyrone Corbin] made. You know, there was something going on out there, and CACH wanted to mix it up a little bit.

And Trey wasn’t going well early, and we want to get a little more pace into it, and so he put John in the ball game, and you know, he saw, John came in, and John picked the guy up full court, and turned him a couple times. Actually got a turnover on the guy one time, and you know, it was just, it’s just the feel that CACH had. And that’s gonna happen, you know?…

I think it’s great for us, and certainly for CACH, if we can have someone that can come in for Trey and sort of demand more minutes. You know, that just makes Trey even better now, because he knows he’s got somebody behind him to take some of those minutes.

On Mike Malone’s “Hack-A-Whoever” strategy
You know, I’m not a fan of it, you know, and maybe they should change the rules and make it, you know, instead of under two minutes, make it under four minutes, or five minutes, you know, that you can’t do that, because it’s, you know, it’s one of those things where you outplay a team, you know, for 40-something minutes.

And now, you know, you got a guy in there–maybe one of your best defenders, maybe one of your best rebounders–and now they foul the guy all the time and he goes to the free throw line. So now you gotta take him out of the game and now you have to play maybe smaller, which benefits them more, and that’s, I don’t think that’s how you play the game.

What do you say to pro-tank fans?
You know, it’s, I understand what they want, you know, I say that, I certainly do. But you know, you’re, you know, we’re coaches. And we’re trying to develop players. We’re trying to get players to play hard…

We have to still coach these guys, and we have to try to win games. You know, we’re in the situation here where, you know, we, you know, we have to do that. We have to show that, you know, we can make some progress with these young guys, and I think that CACH has done a great job in doing that. You know?

And you know, the, I guess the thing about it is, you know, we have fans that are a little bit concerned, that’s saying, “Hey, we’re winning too, you know, you’re winning too much. Be careful.”

We’re not winning too much. We’ll be fine. But you know, I think that’s a credit to CACH Corbin, the fact that, you know, we are competing, and we are in there, and we are winning some games.

Has this season turned out the way you imagined it would?
You know, I just, I wasn’t sure what to think. You know, when you make the changes that we’ve made, and you go young, you know, you just, you don’t know what to expect from a young team. It’s just, that’s just the nature of this business.

And, but it’s been great to see how these guys have handled the situation, how they’ve been so positive and resilient, you know, in situations–starting off 1-14–and then just the character coming out in them in fighting.

And then obviously a lot of that credit goes to CACH Corbin, at keeping these guys engaged, staying positive. You know, they never saw CACH panic. They never saw him just go crazy, you know, being 1-14…

I’ve been very pleased with our progress, and the development of the guys. So, that’s been excellent, and again, CACH Corbin deserves a lot of credit for keeping that focus, and keeping these guys focused, and engaged.

“Jerry Sloan.” What comes to mind?
Oh God. Number one, I mean, we know about his coaching, but a great guy. I mean, a great guy. A loyal guy. A humble guy…He is such a humble man. I mean, he’s great to be around.

And then obviously, you know, one of the greatest coaches of all times. I mean, he is, he’s a great coach, and you know, it’s fun to just listen to him now, and ask him questions about our team, about other players, about his old players, and just listen to the stories. And, but it’s been great. It’s been a blessing for me to be around him for these last few years…

He’s gonna give you his opinion; doesn’t mind you having your opinion. And you know, you can agree to disagree at times, and that’s it, you know, and that’s how he is…I love being around him. I love seeing him when he comes to practice, and I’ll sit down and talk to him. And he’s a joy to be around.

Do you see the same qualities in Corbin as you do in Sloan?
Yeah. You know, CACH Corbin takes a lot from Coach Sloan. No question about it. (1280)

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  1. January 29, 2014 9:05 pm

    Some of these quotes are so unintentionally funny:

    Why play JL3? “There was something going on out there.”

    And JL3’s play DEMANDS more minutes, (33% FG and 29% from 3, 2.5 assists per 36 minutes, PER of 5.5). This is the kind of performance impresses Ty Corbin?

    And this:

    “We’re not winning too much … and that’s a credit to Coach Corbin.”

    Oh, the funnies!

  2. KaBar6 permalink
    January 30, 2014 11:55 am

    Say YOU KNOW one more time , I swear to god.

    Oh, you’ve been pleased with the development of the guys? Yeah, because RJeff and Jolo have so much more room to grow!!


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