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Bits from Practice, 1/20

January 21, 2014
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On the Minnesota game and playing the Timberwolves again on Tuesday
Obviously, it wasn’t our best outing. The bus ride to the airpore was really quiet. The plane ride home was really quiet. So you know, guys know we didn’t put forth our best effort, so like I said, we’ll have a great practice today hopefully, then have a really good chance at ’em tomorrow night.


On his injury
It’s frustrating, because, you know, they wanna make sure that I’m 100 percent right before they have me playing, so. You know, as a competitor, you wanna just be out there, but you gotta let it heal, so.

On how he injured himself
I mean, it had to have happened in the game at some point in time. That’s the weird thing, is, it di–I didn’t feel it the next day, so. I think I must’ve had some adrenaline still. We didn’t really practice that hard anyways, and then I probably just sat around the rest of the day and it tightened up. ‘Cause then the next morning is when it was sore.


On whether there’s a silver lining to Gordon Hayward’s injury
I don’t know. We’ll have to see. I mean, players like to play, and you work out to play as much as you want–you can play. So, I don’t know. We’ll see.

On whether he’s had any thoughts about changing the lineup and starting Alec Burks
Not right now.

On what a challenge handling success is for a young team
It’s a trap, you know, because, you know, you start off as we did, you win a few games, and you go to San Antonio on this last trip. You don’t win a game, but you play a pretty good game against the, you know, one of the best teams in the league. And then you go in Detroit. You have a really good game. And at Minnesota on a back-to-back, and you tend to drop it down a notch. And they needed a win bad, and we just didn’t play well. So, I mean, it’s, you know, it’s a learning process.

On what’s been the most rewarding thing about coaching this team
Just seeing these guys grow together. You know, they grow into the roles that they have. You know, being a young group, and getting off to a slow start, and then fighting our way back, and having some, showing some signs of some life.

On his greatest frustration this season
Just that understanding every, on a nightly basis what you gonna get. You know, that’s, we, and that’s typical of young teams. That’s typical of building, you know, and that’s typical of trying to grow guys into position, into roles on teams, and having them understand, that, you know, what you do tonight has no bearing on what’s going on tomorrow night.

And so you gotta make sure you seize that moment and if you’re having success and having a good run, you can’t relax because you, it turns so quickly in this league, and trying to find out what we’re gonna get from each guy every night has been a frustrating thing.

Tyrone Corbin, Unintentional Dirty Quote Machine (UDQM)
** On injuries: [If] we trust each other, we can hold it in there. That’s with anybody being out.
** On Gordon Hayward’s minutes: I wanna make sure that we build him up, see how he’s going. I’ll talk to Gary [Briggs] and him and we’ll come together after today’s practice.
** On Kevin Martin: His shot, his release from down low, and he’s a good shooter. You, he know how to get it off, and when he gets it off and his feet set, it goes in the hole. (KALL)

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