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Game 41 of 82: Utah Jazz at Detroit Pistons (14-27)

January 18, 2014

So weird to think the season is already half over…but it’s half over on a good note.

Jeremy Evans’ dunks will probably the be the play or plays that fans remember from this game, but for me, it was this gorgeous bit of Jazz basketball as defined by Jerry Sloan’s teams:


Chemistry, timing, execution and athleticism in one pretty little package.

** Before the game, Tyrone Corbin “took exception” to a question about Marvin Williams struggling of late:

The Jazz coach took exception to a question about Marvin Williams struggling. The power went scoreless against the Spurs and only scored 10 in games against Denver and Cleveland before that 0-of-2 shooting night, but Corbin believes the starting power forward has still been productive in other ways.

“Guys always look at a guy’s points and say he’s struggling,” Corbin said. “There’s more to the game than that. He didn’t score for us, but I thought his minutes on the floor (were) really good for us.”

** Corbin’s response when asked about Marvin Williams’ performance after this game
Is he still struggling?
** Corbin on this group of guys, man
It’s just a great bunch of guys to work with, man, because they really, it’s about the team getting better™ as the individuals get better™, and they wanna see their teammates’ success, be successful. So, and the more guys we have successful, doing successful things on the floor, the better chance we have of being successful.

double tongue

** Trey Burke on his progression
Once I got back on the court [after the broken hand healed], I just thought at it, I thought of it as, you know, we have nothing to lose, and you know, I, if I put pressure on myself like I did in summer league, then I’m gonna perform the way I did in summer league. So I let go of everything, you know, and I just played my game.
** Burke on adjusting to the physical rigors of the NBA schedule
As much as people talk about it, it’s not really my body. It’s really, sleepy. You know, I wake up in the morning and get nine hours of sleep, and I still feel sleepy. And I’ll be like, why am I so tired? But you know, it’s the first year of a new life for me, you know? The NBA is another level where you have to take care of your body…You have to get adjusted to it, and I’m continuing to do so.
** Burke on the gif below
I told them I was mad at them for that one. The first one, I was kinda, you know, I didn’t, it didn’t matter. I knew they was gonna get me with something, but that one, I was a little embarrassed.


** Enes Kanter on the gif above
My rookie [year] wasn’t like that. It was pretty bad. You know, he’s, they’re not even close to my rookie year…I know the hazing, so I’m not really doing anything. So, but other guys, you know, hazing him a little bit.

The Bench Brothers, Enes Kanter and Alec Burks, having a giggle on the bench:


And then Kanter reaches over and grabs Burks’ thigh. Reason: Unknown.


** Marvin Williams on his performance
Obviously, I wanted to bounce back from the performance I had in San Antonio. I wasn’t aggressive at all in San Antonio…and that’s not really my kind of basketball, and it’s not gonna help this team win. So tonight, I really wanted to come out and establish myself early and be aggressive on the offense end and the defensive end, and I think it helped us out tonight.

All the Trey Burke gifs

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Sidney Lowe on the Pistons’ Monroe-Drummond frontcourt, halftime: If there’s any penetration, they’re coming.
** Lowe on Trey Burke: We thought he might be a little nervous, a little anxious to get it going, and try to do it too quick. But he settled down when he came back in.

To close: Marvin Williams with the Towel Action Reaction of the Night.


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  1. DizzyDuck permalink
    January 18, 2014 10:29 pm

    I’d just like to say that I love your site and that you do amazing work. After every game I come here in hopes of reading the opponent game thread. which is generally terrible and awesome all at the same time. Thank you for the work you put in to this blog and being a Jazz fan. It does not go unnoticed. Thank you. Oh and #firecorbin

    • January 18, 2014 11:05 pm

      Thank you so much. Your kind words are very much appreciated :)

  2. MyKroberts permalink
    January 20, 2014 1:08 pm

    Do you keep a running list of Hall of Fame UDQs? These two are quite exceptional.


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