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Game 39 of 82: Utah Jazz vs. Denver Nuggets (13-26)

January 14, 2014

Congratulations to Tyrone Corbin on his 100th win. No. 100 came in his fourth season with the Jazz and and his career record now stands at 100-115.

ty 100

Congratulations to Alec Burks on his career night as well. Basketball was as easy for Alec tonight as it is difficult for people to get his name right.

burks-dini1Houdini! Double-dini! Dini moment! Dini-gasm!

Pre-Game Quotage
** Trey Burke on having Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter on the court at the same time
They do a really good job of [moving without the ball], you know? Derrick does a really good job of posting up, giving me a, you know, giving me somewhere to pass it to. And they play really well off each other, so you know, I have no doubt in my mind with those two out there on the court that, you know, we can get a lot done and a lot accomplished tonight.
** Enes Kanter on whether his focus changes when he starts versus when he comes off the bench
Not really. I think it’s the same, you know? I’m just, you know, focused on the game, and nothing’s changed. I’m just, you know, just come from the bench instead of starting lineup. Oh, I know it’s really, it’s a big deal, but you know, my focus is same. You know, just, you know, do my job.

rjs ass

Post-Game Quotage
** Tyrone Corbin on the game and his 100th win
It’s a team thing, and you know, I just really appreciate the focus of the guys tonight although [the Nuggets] made some runs at us. But we held it in there, and won the ball game.
** Marvin Williams on what Corbin’s 100th win means for the team
Just to be a part of, you know, something like that, is really special. So I’m definitely honored to be a part of something like that, to help him get there.
** Derrick Favors on grabbing 15 rebounds
You just gotta find different ways to impact the game. You know, Alec and Trey and everybody else, they were doing a good job scoring. So you know, I had to make my impact on the game just rebounding.
** Trey Burke on his ankle injury
I slid. I think there was a little wet spot out there. And it wasn’t my ankle, it was kinda near my Achilles’. But it’s fine. It’s just a little sore. I don’t know what I did. It doesn’t seem serious at all.

ronda tweet

** Corbin on Alec Burks’ performance
Did a great job on the offensive end. You know, we had to go through him a little bit tonight, and that’s kinda what we envisioned him coming off the bench to be able to do…He have a lot to learn, but he’s getting better™ every year.
** Alec Burks, asked about his career night
It was just, you know, a great effort by everybody, you know? I happened to make some shots, you know? It was a great game, and we got the win.
** Burks on whether the career-high feels like an achievement
I feel like anytime I step on the court, you know, I gotta be aggressive, you know? ‘Cause you never know. That’s the way I took it.
** Marvin on Alec Burks’ nickname, “Easy 20”
He might be “Easy 30” now…Call him Easy 30 now.
** Richard Jefferson on Burks’ shot selection
They’re terrible, terrible shots. I have no idea.
** Favors on Burks’ career night
I think it was just a matter of him getting the opportunity to do it, and to really do it. I’m happy for him. I’m excited for him, ’cause I’ve been here with him two years, and you know, I see him everyday in practice, and you know, you know how the NBA goes where, you know, if you’re a young guy, you gotta wait your turn and all that. And you know, he was just sitting there patiently waiting. And you know, when he get his opportunity, he just goes out there and play. So I’m happy for him.
** Favors on having to be patient as a young guy
It’s tough, you know? You a top pick, you know, you watch the other guys in your draft, you know, they come out, starting for they teams, being the face of they team, and you know, just playing. And you just gotta sit there and wait for it. And wait…When you getting minutes as a young player, you know, you gotta take, gotta make the most of it. You know, I found that out firsthand my rookie year. (KALL, 1280, Utah Jazz)

Diante Garrett just wants to be noticed.

Random Stuff, etc.
** People calling Alec Burks “Alex”: Max Chang’s dad. (H/T @chang_max)
** People calling Trey Burke “Alec Burke”: Craig Bolerjack and Alema Harrington.
** People addressing Alec Burks as “Al”: Steve Brown.
** People calling Enes Kanter “Ee-nis”: recap guy
** Over in St. Thomas, Karl Malone is hanging out with Common (via @mamail32):

** Meanwhile in Phoenix, Jarron Collins runs into Greg Ostertag at the airport. Be sure to read the comments on the pic. (via @jarronctwin)

jarron tag

Love that Jerry Sloan’s influence on Tag continues to be felt to this day, with Tag taking the time to carefully tuck his shirt into his sweatpants before heading outside.
** Jan. 12 was the 5-year anniversary of Mehmet Okur going off for 43 on the Indiana Pacers. Memo posted on Instagram about it, which led to more conversation with Jarron Collins:

memo jarron

Love the affection that Jazz players from those mid-2000 teams have for each other.

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Matt Harpring on Jeremy Evans defending JJ Hickson: Just doesn’t have the girth.
** Harpring: The length of Garrett bothering the smaller Nate.
** Craig Bolerjack on Hickson: He’s just been hammering the rim tonight, and Evans tried to plug up the route.
** Boler: Evans with the tip!
Harpring: If it doesn’t work once or not twice, keep going at it. It’s gonna work eventually.
** Alema Harrington to Boler on the importance of the third quarter: How big is it tonight?
Boler holds up a spread-out hand: Obviously, Alema, very large. The first five minutes, Matt, I think you’ll agree.

matt boler1

Harpring holds up his “FACT” paddle: Absolutely.

matt boler2

Boler smirks and Harpring snickers.

matt boler3

** Sidney Lowe at halftime: We have to be ready, because Lawson, you know, he’s a load when he’s coming.
** Harpring on turnovers: Unforced. Those aren’t the good ones.
** Boler on Burks: He’s been dini’ing all night.
** Boler: I mean, how many can I give in one night? (H/T @blazerdog38)
** Harpring to Thurl Bailey at the end of his segment: I’ll be right up, Big T.
** Trey Burke, post-game: I think we ended up pulling it out the way we wanted to.

To close: Very Alec. Much Burks.

alec being alec

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