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Get to Know: John Lucas III

January 13, 2014
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From David Locke’s “Get to Know” series with Jazz players.

lucas iii

First team ever played on: YMCA Chicago Bulls.

First buzzer beater: Fifth grade.

First dunk: Junior year of high school.

First pair of basketball shoes: Jordan 1s. Got them for Christmas at age 3-5.

First time you ever saw yourself on TV: Age 5 as a ball boy.

First nickname: Hoss.

First car ever driven: Dad’s BMW 745i.

First CD: Michael Jackson. Thriller.

First video game ever played: Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!

First day off in Utah: Park City.

First jerseys owned: Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson, Nolan Ryan.

First autograph: Arthur Ashe.

First poster: Michael Jordan.

First big purchase: Watch.

First time you ever got in trouble as a kid: So many times.

First pet: Dog named Macho. Half Pekingese, half poodle.

First kiss: Without getting caught? Second grade. Her name was Lauren King.

Best game ever played: Probably my first NBA start. 25, 8, and 8.

Worst game ever played: Elite Eight game. Scoreless in the first half.

Best place ever traveled to: Marrakesh.

Best athlete ever: Floyd Mayweather. Arthur Ashe. Wayne Gretzky.

Fastest player ever played against: Tony Parker, Derrick Rose, TJ Ford, Chris Paul.

Best meal ever: Grandma’s cooking.

Maddest you’ve ever been: I don’t really get that mad. I’m a happy person. I’ve always got good vibes.

Most famous person ever met: Bill Clinton.

Earliest you ever woke up to work out: 4 a.m.

Latest you’ve ever studied for a test: 10 p.m.

Best friend in the league: TJ Ford and everyone from Houston (DeAndre Jordan, Daniel Gibson, Emeka Okafor, Cartier Martin, Rashard Lewis…)

Best movie ever: Hoosiers, Blue Chips, Sunset Park, The Last Dragon, The Sandlot.

Dinner with three people, dead or alive: Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X.

What’s your mom like? Greatest mom on earth. Better than everyone else’s mom. I’m a momma’s boy. She’s everything to me. [Is she the lover? Is she the disciplinarian?] She’s everything.

You knew you were in trouble when… When she says my full name, John Harding Lucas III.

You made your mom most happy when… Just achieving everything I have achieved through life. Graduating high school and college; getting engaged; being the man she raised me to be.

Good day in the house when… When everybody’s smiling.

Inspiration/mentor: My father, my best friend, my main man. He made me who I am today.

Last sport played besides basketball: Tennis.

Last vacation: Cabo.

Last item bought: Engagement ring.

Last good grade: A in history.

Last time you were scared: Watching Paranormal Activity by myself.

Last time you were incredibly happy: Today.

Last time you cried: Two weeks ago.

Last book you read: The Purpose Driven Life.

Reason for jersey number: Always wore No. 15, but Derrick Favors has it. Dad and younger brother both wore No. 5.

If you could come back as any NBA player: Michael Jordan.

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  1. Diana permalink
    January 14, 2014 4:04 am

    That’s cool that JLIII is engaged too, I am happy for him. I wonder why we haven’t heard about it as much as Gordon’s engagement, maybe we have and I just haven’t since my twitter hiatus.


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