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Get to Know: Gordon Hayward

January 13, 2014
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From David Locke’s “Get to Know” series with Jazz players.


First team ever played on: Youth soccer team with my dad as the coach at four or five years old.

First buzzer beater: Can’t remember.

First dunk: Sophomore year in high school.

First pair of basketball shoes: Some really cheap ones. Off-brand for sure.

First time you ever saw yourself on TV: High school basketball interview.

First nickname: Stick Boy.

First car ever driven: Honda Accord that I drive now.

First CD: Jock Jams.

First video game ever played: Super Mario Bros.

First day off in Utah: I think we went to Park City.

First jersey owned: Reggie Miller.

First autograph: Reggie Miller.

First poster: Reggie Miller.

First big purchase: My car.

First time you ever got in trouble as a kid: I went to the principal’s office for pushing somebody in the bathroom, ’cause he was trying to beat up my friend.

First pet: Never had a pet.

First kiss: “First kiss was [long pause], first kiss was [long pause], I think I almost let it, I, it was with, one, a girl. Obviously. And she drove off, and I was super nervous, and I told her, I called her and said that I forgot something in her car. And then she drove back, and I gave her a kiss.”

Best game ever played: Like ever or as a Jazz?…High school semi-state tournament game. We were down by 10 and I basically brought us back and we won the game.

Worst game ever played: Exhibition game in senior year of high school. Shot 2-19.

Best athlete ever: Peyton Manning.

Best meal ever: Christmas meals that my grandma makes.

Hardest workout ever: 5:45 a.m. practice in high school, sick and in front of scouts.

Maddest you’ve ever been: Probably after the national title game at Butler.

Best friend in the league: Jeremy Evans.

Best movie ever: Dark Knight trilogy.

Best TV show ever: Game of Thrones.

Dinner with three people, dead or alive: Mom, maternal grandma, and Abraham Lincoln.*

* As Locke pointed out, Gordon’s mom replaced Jesus on this list from when he was asked last year.

Last sport played besides basketball: Tennis.

Last vacation: Cruise to Europe.

Last item bought: Parking ticket at the mall.

Last music downloaded: I don’t download music. I use Spotify.

Last bad grade: C in physics.

Last good grade: Every other grade.

Last time you were scared: Playing this video game called “Slender.”

Last time you were incredibly happy: I’d say right now.

Last time you cried: Sister’s wedding.

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  1. Diana permalink
    January 14, 2014 4:02 am

    haha his first kiss answer is really funny. I wonder if it was with K.

    I thought last year his answer for his first car he drove was his mom’s minivan.

    At least he and Kanter give a bigger variety of answers then some of the other players. I loved that he answered Jeremy Evans, even though it wasn’t surprising it still made me smile.


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