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Bits from Dennis Lindsey Interview, 1/11

January 12, 2014
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On the re-positioning of Marvin Williams
The re-positioning of Marvin, you know, that, credit–you know, we had a lot of off-season conversations with Ty[rone Corbin] and there was significant opinion, you know, that Marvin was more of a shooting “four.” A Shane Battier four, if you will, rather than a big “three.”

And you know, Ty, over time, bought in, and really gets the credit to re-position Marvin…

I think the spacing that Marvin has provided has really been a boon for Alec [Burks], for Trey [Burke], for Gordon [Hayward] in particular; the three perimeter guys that have the ball the most, you know, the spacing and shooting around that. And just Marvin’s veteran experience and steady hand has all been good.

Ty had to be talked into re-positioning Marvin lol.

On Marvin Williams
Marvin’s been, it’s what we’re looking for. I mean, just a rock-solid family background, and a pro. Raised in the business the right way. Carolina early with Roy Williams, who’s very close with Kevin O’Connor. So when we were able to make that trade, you know, Kevin had some inside information.

You know, Marvin, you know, struggled with some health, and I think, you know, struggled positionally, and just the system was a little bit different for him last year. And you know, you’re talking about a pro. You know, I was expecting, you know, Marvin and his agent to be in my office everyday, given what he’d done prior to [his arrival in Utah].

And just a complete professional, our, Ty and I were just floored at how strong he was in the post-season individual interviews. What he had to say, how he owned his struggles, how he’s gonna come back better…

I think it was key, you know, when we were 0-8, and 1-14, you know, I was looking for signs for the team to fray. And Marvin, several times, said, you know, got up and said in front of the team, “Hey, I’ve been through this before. This is how we conduct ourselves.”

There weren’t any, you know, player-only meetings,* and all that nonsense. And really, it’s a credit to Marvin and Richard [Jefferson] that our young group, you know, who we’re looking for leadership, along with, you know, Derrick [Favors]’ steadiness and Gordon’s poise, they really stayed together.

* Except there were.

The Jazz’s early schedule “would’ve been difficult for the Spurs”
We felt like once we got through this, that, our early schedule would’ve been difficult for the Spurs, with back-to-backs and games played and strength of schedule. And then you couple that with, you know, me and Kevin taking the team in a really young way, and then the injures on top of that.

You know, it was a formula for a really tough start…So, you know, I think credit really goes to Ty and the staff, that, we’re, you know, there was a collective poise, but Marvin gets a large share of that credit. It did not go unnoticed how well he’s played. His leadership is highly valued, and you kn–we’ll see what that means, but we think he could be a core piece.

What if Jazz players develop too quickly, and this compromises the Jazz’s draft position?
It’s Ty and the coaches and the players’ job to compete and develop the best to their ability, and look, if that happens a little bit faster than the media wants or, you know, the general public wants, that, you know, I understand. I understand the angst.

But in some levels, we want Enes to, you know, move away from a rehab off-season to now find a great rhythm. And if he finds a great rhythm, he and Alec are gonna score well off the bench, and that’s a very importance piece to the Utah Jazz going forward.

And the fact, you know, we have heard the Marvin angst, that, you know, we’re playing too well with Marvin. And look, you know, we got a young rookie point guard and we want bigs who can shoot that provide space so he can do what he does best, which is make decisions, and create, and score a little bit, and pass a little bit. And Derrick Favors has more room to operate and roll…

With our young guys, look, if we start trending well, we don’t have to use the first pick that we have in the Golden State pick, and what looks like it’s gonna be an early second round pick to draft young players. In some level, we got enough players to develop. We can go get a veteran, and boom, let’s build our team from there. (1280)

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  1. Diana permalink
    January 13, 2014 7:05 am

    Why do they all feel the need to lie about players only meetings? We all know they happened, the players told us they happened and now they are denying them?

    DL is doing all he can to justify Ty’s coaching.


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