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Bits from Dennis Lindsey Interview, 1/3

January 6, 2014
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Is this team starting to develop some swagger?
I think, you know, again, not to belabor a point, but you know, early on, the schedule was uniquely difficult, and then you couple that with the youth and inexperience of our team. And on top of that, injuries. It was gonna make for a very difficult November.

But now that Jeremy [Evans], and Marvin [Williams], and Trey [Burke] are back, I think Ty[rone Corbin] deserves a lot of credit in really moving the chessboard around and doing different things with the offensive talent that we do have.

On the Jan. 2 game against the Milwaukee Bucks
A big part of the league is your pick and roll defense, and it’s so dynamic. And I thought, I liked our strategy, especially with Derrick [Favors], but I think we let the big get behind us a few times, and [Luke] Ridnour had some pocket passes.

And then, I don’t think we did a good job of handling our third quarter success, which, you know, is indicative of a young team. So the fourth quarter, we lost our concentration and probably were feeling too good about ourselves. But then, you know, the last part of the fourth quarter, I felt like we buckled down and you know, we did what Ty wanted to do.

Who’s playing the best basketball on the team right now?
You know, I think you can make an argument right now, I wouldn’t say best player, but really, our most important piece–and let’s just move Trey aside for a second–has been Marvin. And you know, Ty’s repositioning Marvin, that has given all the young guys more space.

And the other thing, you know, there’s been quite a few stories…you know, rookies have had rookie moments, and you know, there are times when coaches or management need to come and clean up things and play the heavy, but there’s also been a couple incidents where, you know, “Hey Marvin, go handle this.” And he does. And he, and Marvin gets it, and he has the right message.

How do you find enough time for Enes Kanter’s development?
Yeah, yeah. You know, it, well, early on [this season], he, you know, he got a bunch of minutes. And you know, we were, it’s not Enes’ fault, it, you know, it’s no one’s fault that we were hurt early.

But certainly, you know, you pile young player on top of young player, and sometimes you can come up with a mess where individually you like ’em all, but collectively you can get real disorganized quickly.

And you know, it’s a balance that, with the veteran experience and shooting and intelligence that Marvin has given us, and look, Marvin’s 27. And we’re proud to have him. We think he’s been, already, a good leader, and he really fits this group. So you know, even though Marvin’s on the last year of his deal, it doesn’t preclude us for, you know, entertaining, you know, talks to extend him or re-sign him at the appropriate time. So it’s not like we’re talking about a 34-year-old veteran.

And then, again, Enes, you know, is coming off injury, and we’ve talked about that a little bit, and you know, the, you know, he had a tough little stretch where his rhythm wasn’t great. And now he’s starting to find it again, and you know, he’s getting back to the Enes of old. …

But you know, again, you know, he had a very serious shoulder injury, and was rehabbing all summer instead of working, so to balance that, you know, to get him mentally right and find a rhythm.

On the Jazz’s scheme and Marvin Williams’ ability to stretch the floor (UDQM)
It’s a little bit akin to when we had Deron Williams here, and he would rub off Carlos Boozer. And Boozer would be the roller, and you know, you had Mehmet Okur lifted in the slot.

And you know, you can change the names, but really the situation is somewhat similar. You have one of our three primary ball-handlers and creators in Gordon [Hayward] and Alec [Burks] and Trey, you know, coming off a pick and roll.

You have Derrick’s, you know, size, length, speed, power, you know, rolling to the rim, and then you have Marvin out at the 3-point line. That’s a tough cover for opposing teams, and teams will have to make their choice on, you know, do you want a ball-handler at the rim, or a short pull-up, or do you want to have Derrick Favors, you know, rolling down your throat, or do you want Marvin Williams shooting threes?

So, again, and I think in due time, also, that Enes, with his touch and his range, you know, if he doesn’t shoot the three out there eventually whether it be in the corner or in the slot, he can certainly shoot the long two…So I think Enes has potential, you know, to be in that triangle as well. (1280)

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