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Game 36 of 82: Utah Jazz at Los Angeles Lakers (11-25)

January 4, 2014

Tomorrow will be a big sign of whether we’ve improved as a team.
— Gordon Hayward, last night.

Take what you will from that, whether it’s the Jazz getting down by 20+ points and losing, or coming almost all the way back.

The game summarized in one single play:



And how the game ended…I suppose Kendall Marshall is a feel-good story?



marshall tweet

Post-Game Quotage
** Tyrone Corbin on the game
Well, you know, I thought we had opportunities. We fought our way back in it…I respect the way our guys fought back there after getting ourselves in a big hole.
** Corbin, asked about the first quarter, and if it was tired legs
Yeah, last night, I, you know, I don’t, you know, young group of guys. But we gotta make sure we come out ready to go. We tried to juggle it early, and we just didn’t get the pep we were looking for.

** Gordon Hayward on the game
I felt like for the most part, we were getting good shots. We just weren’t knocking them down. Which is unfortunate, but you know, I’m proud of the way we fought. We gave ourselves a chance. Just, they knocked down some big shots, some, at some timely moments, and you gotta credit them.
** Enes Kanter, asked if the loss had anything to do with it being a back-to-back, and how much effort he put on the floor last night, and having to catch a plane to L.A.
Yeah, definitely. I mean, of course that affects you. But that cannot be excuse. You know? We have to just come out every night and just, you know, fight every [possession].
** Kanter on his play
I’m trying to be like last year. You know, with the edge, and play with, play hard. And you know, I had a surgery this summer, so I’m just gonna try to do my best.
** Richard Jefferson, asked about how the Jazz lost but fought all night and didn’t quit
Coach stays on us, and he does a good job of making sure that guys don’t get their heads down and that we stay focused, on the goal. And they’re, this team, the way they play so free up and down, they’re gonna give you an opportunity to get back into it. But you know, they hit shots, at the end, and it was tough to come up. … We’re not gonna quit. That’s something that Coach Corbin does a great job of, making sure all the guys, if you’re on that court, you’re playing and you’re gonna play hard.

Random Stuff, etc.
** People calling Kendall Marshall “Kemba Walker, I mean, Kemba Marshall”: Tyrone Corbin
** Thurl Bailey was asked who was his favorite teammate of all time. His answer? John Stockton. “We used to do a lot of USA Today crossword puzzles.”
** Congrats to Trey Burke on being the first Jazz player to win Rookie of the Month in nearly three decades.

trey rotm

** Rudy Gobert and Ian Clark have been re-assigned to the D-League and stayed behind in L.A.

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Matt Harpring: When you have big leads, guys play with more confidence.
** Craig Bolerjack on Jordan Hill getting blocked twice in a row: Hill just got a double dose, down low.
** Boler: Garrett will come out, and Hayward’s gotta wait.
Harpring: I thought they were pointing at you. I’m like, “Boler?”
Boler: Am I going in?
Harpring: I saw you sweating over here, all nervous.
Boler: You know I got a jersey on underneath this coat and tie.
Harpring (pretending he doesn’t know exactly what Boler has on underneath): I don’t wanna know what you got on under–
Boler (Raja Bell fan): No. 19.
Harpring (pretending surprise): 19!
** Boler: Quickly out front to Hayward, Young’s on his hip, rides it out.

To close: Jeremy Evans hammer.


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  1. Brent E permalink
    January 5, 2014 3:38 am

    * Corbin, asked about the first quarter, and if it was tired legs
    “Yeah, last night, I, you know, I don’t, you know, young group of guys.”

    This just sounds so much like a kid who hasn’t prepared for class and is put on the spot by the teacher, so he spits out the same answer he’s been repeating all year even though it doesn’t even apply to the question.


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