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Game 30 of 82: Utah Jazz at Charlotte Bobcats (8-22)

December 22, 2013

The good, the bad, and the ouchy:


alley-whoop If only Gordon Hayward were as “deceptively/sneakily athletic” as everyone says he is…


H/T @kgpogi for the ouchy.

Reunion-y Stuff

al tweets

** Enes Kanter sent Big Al a letter:

big al note“XOXOXO Your Boy Big Turk” had me awwww’ing for about two minutes

Via @DJJazzyJody

** Update on Big Al’s bed:

al bed tweet

** Big Al Jefferson, asked whether he still keeps an eye on Kanter and Derrick Favors
Oh yeah, man. I watch Utah games, I keep up with my guys. Them guys, they’re like little brothers to me. I keep up with ‘em. Matter of fact, I get a chance to play ‘em twice in the next two weeks. I’m looking forward to that, too, ‘cause Big Turkey always says he can stop me. So I’m gonna see where he’s gonna be at.
** Big Al on his newfound success on defense
Coach is the one who planted the seed. When I first got here, even when I came on my visit to come to Charlotte and I was thinking about it, he made it very clear then that this was going to be a defensive-minded team. I’ve always been criticized for my defense and he’s the one who told me that I’m really not a bad defensive player and gave me that confidence. He’s the one who planted the seed, he’s the one who came from a defensive-minded program in the years he’s been in the league. He teaches real well, we just gotta go out there and do it. (SB Nation)

* As noted in the article, “the Bobcats rank third in the league in defensive efficiency this season and first since Jefferson returned to action 14 games ago, per”

al defense tweet

** Tyrone Corbin on Trey Burke and the team, post-game
It’s a rookie in the NBA, man, and he’s showing a lot of resolve, though. I can’t say much about–enough about how I appreciate his focus and this group focus after they don’t play their best game, coming back the next night and trying to correct some things…We axe [Burke] to lead the group, because he’s a point guard. So, he’s getting better. He’ll continue to get better, because he’ll work.

burke mj

** Trey Burke on whether this was an emotional game due to the Big Al factor
Absolutely…I got the opportunity to meet him this summer, played with him out in Santa Barbara. And you know, he’s a heck of a player, man. He’s unstoppable down there, and I think we did a good job down the stretch of doubling him and trying to get the ball out of his hands.
** Derrick Favors on whether any of his buckets tonight were the result of Big Al’s mentoring
Every move that I made this season so far, you know, he helped me and Paul [Millsap] helped me. You know, it was every move I made this whole season, just looking at my man, facing ’em up, being patient, you know, and just playing my game, not rushing everything.

happy enes

** Enes Kanter on why he wrote the letter
He’s been, you know, my teammates last two year, my first two years, and he taught me a lot of thing. And I mean, he was just like, you know, big brother…He was a really nice guy, and we decided to wrote him a letter. So we just showed him the letter before the game, so he came to locker room, and just talked to us. So it was really fun.
Favors in the background: I love you Al! I love you Al!
** Kanter, asked whether he expects a letter back from Big Al
Maybe when he comes to Salt Lake. I don’t think he’s gonna write me a letter tonight after missing that last two shots.

Players Saying Bad Words


Brandon Rush isn’t saying anything (vocally) below, but the photo (via @luke1luk) fits under the heading. Also, for those that care about this sort of thing, note his Louis Vuitton man purse/toiletry bag:

Matt Harpring’s Hair
shirley temple

Random Stuff, etc.
** People calling Gordon Hayward “Haywood”: Associated Press (H/T @Run_Pappy)

ap haywood

** Seeing as how #ArmlessAl has turned into #ArmlessRJ this season, pretty clever of the Jazz production team to just crop out arms altogether on the starter stats CG:


** As @bjcseven puts it: This player substitution is brought to you by Sidney Lowe and Brad Jones.


** Missed endorsement opportunity?

lucas iii oil

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Craig Bolerjack on Al Jefferson: He’s gotta handle the length of Derrick Favors tonight.
** Matt Harpring: Hayward will take it anyway he can get it. Boler: Absolutely. (H/T @bjcseven, @carlsston)
** Harpring on Hayward: Sometimes he kinda gets it up there and brings it right back right away. And that’s not his form. He’s good when he just leaves his hand in the air.
** Thurl Bailey: Trey Burke has to get it up, ice cold water in his veins. (H/T @mac_jazz)
** Sidney Lowe on the Jazz’s first half field goal percentage: We have to get that up, but it’s only going to happen if the ball is moving, bodies are moving.
** Boler to Lowe on Big Al: How do you slow him down?
Lowe in response: ♥Coach♥ just talked about doing some different things with him.
** Harpring on Favors dunk: Look at the length. He’s almost standing on the floor when he does that. Just gets up higher than everyone else. (H/T @Jake_W_J)
** Harpring on red-headed Jazz fan in the crowd: Our first redhead on the road!
** Harpring on Burke’s foot on 3-point shot: I’m glad he didn’t have another half-inch.
** Jody Genessy to Kanter, post-game: You guys seemed to really be banging on each other pretty hard.

To close: Happy Big Al and a couple Big Al highlights :) Hope Al’s ankle is all right.




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  1. December 23, 2013 5:29 am

    Love me some Big Al. One of my all time fave players – not just Jazz men. The Brad Jones board smack of Garrett at the end of the game is classic. How do you catch all this stuff? L&DBTJ First stop before and after every game – thanks again for the great work!

    • December 23, 2013 9:15 am

      Thanks theMonk for reading! I feel the same way about Al, I’m so glad he was a Jazzman for a few years.


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