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Game 29 of 82: Utah Jazz at Atlanta Hawks (7-22)

December 21, 2013

Blowout! Happy bench!



Wait, the Jazz were the ones getting blown out?

P.S. Doesn’t really need to be said, but…

hawks bench

Reunion-y Stuff
** Paul Millsap on the Jazz and the game, pre-game
Ex-team. A lot of good friends on there, that team, so it’s gonna be very competitive.
** DeMarre Carroll on the Jazz and the game, pre-game
Great city, great fans. You know, great team, great organization. But to me, it’s another game. Might be more for Paul than me, but it’s just another game. (Atlanta Hawks)

sap dmc

** Millsap on whether he knew he could shoot threes at the career-high percentage he is averaging this season
Did I know? Yeah. Did I have the confidence to do it? No. Getting here, the coaching staff, giving me the confidence, the players, giving me the confidence to put me in the situations to shoot it and make it.
** Millsap on his expanded role on offense
Here, they’re pushing me to shoot it more and it’s part of the offense. I feel like, they feel like, that we’re at our best if I space the floor and shoot the ball…It moves me out from under the basket a lot, getting banged on, so that helps a lot. (Salt City Hoops)

kk-dmc-pmKorver to Carroll to Millsap

Post-Game Quotage
** Tyrone Corbin on inconsistency
You can call it youth. You can find it in each other or find it ourselves, but you know, we gotta make sure we come out ready to go every night with every ounce of energy that we have…Tonight was disappointing.
** Corbin on Trey Burke’s game
Especially after big games, you think that things will be the same way the next night, and it’s a different opponent, different city, different flow of the game, and it don’t happen.

crawford-sandersJoey Crawford mistaking Mike Sanders for a towel boy

** Gordon Hayward on whether Paul Millsap and DeMarre Carroll were more amped for the game
I was pretty amped as well. And for whatever reason, we just didn’t bring it tonight, so. You know, they beat us.
** Hayward on facing Big Al Jefferson tomorrow
Al’s gonna do whatever he can to beat us, and he’s, he can go down there on the block. And we know that firsthand, so…He’s tough down there, you know? We know that from practice and what he did for us when he was here, so I mean, it’s, it’ll be a fun game, a fun challenge for us. But you know, we can’t show up like we did tonight.
** Hayward on the fall
That’s why I don’t play football right there, so.


** Derrick Favors on whether Millsap and Carroll were more intense and excited for the game
Nah man, we was excited too. You know I’m saying? But you know, they just came out with more energy, their whole team came out with more energy, and they got a win.
** Favors on facing Millsap
It was weird, but at the same time, man, you know, he came out with a purpose. He wanted to beat us. So you know, we just gotta come out with that same intensity, next game.

** Al Horford, asked about what this game meant to Paul Millsap
Paul was very collected. You woulda never guessed that he played there. I mean, there was really no, I mean, he looked normal. Just another game for him. I’ll be interested to see when we go to Utah, you know, maybe it’ll get a little [emotional] there, but you know, he’s one of those guys that you cannot ever tell, because he’s got the same face and the same focus.

kyle-briggsA tender moment between Kyle Korver and Gary Briggs

Random Stuff, etc.
** The Jazz have elected/chosen/forcibly appointed their Players’ Association reps:


** John Lucas III (yes, talking about himself in the third person) says: “@brush_25 has no style, but @luke1luk can pull off anything and make it fly. LOL”

rush v lucas

Who ya got? Rush or Lucas in the style battle?
** Gordon Hayward and Jeremy Evans, BFFs forever:



Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Craig Bolerjack on Lou Williams: Two shots coming.
** Boler on the broadcast coming back from commercial break: We open up with a move inside by Kanter.
** Boler on a loose ball at the scorer’s table: It was coming, but he tipped it. I was ready.
Harpring: I saw you duck under the table. You were so scared.
Boler: No, no, no. I want that action, Matt.

To close:
In a radio interview yesterday, Richard Jefferson was asked whether he is championship-hunting or whether he can be proud of his career without a championship. His answer:

I think it’s a combination of both. I’m fortunate where I feel like I have two or three more years where I can compete on a daily basis. Not at the high level that I once was. I understand that, but you know, I feel like I can help a team, whether it’s 10, 15 minutes a night, 20 minutes a night. If a starter goes down, you need me to play 30, I can…

I want to play for a quality team. I want to get back to the Playoffs. Like, that’s what I enjoy the most…I play this for the love. I play it for that feeling of that win, that championship, that going toe-to-toe and just having a guy not be able to stop you. That’s what gets me going in this league.

And so, if I get an opportunity to go play for a championship team, I’m gonna go hunting for that. You know, I have no loyalty. I’m not one of those guys that plays for the same team for 15 years like a Reggie Miller that has to decide whether or not he’s gonna go do that. No, I’m a gun for hire. (Sirius)

His comments seem to have caused quite a stir in Jazzland, somewhere between the level of Carlos Boozer’s “I’m going to get a raise regardless”/radio tour (i.e. a lot) and DeMarre Carroll’s “I’m playing for 29 other teams (less so).

I get why his comments might cause frustration or annoyance, but:

1) He didn’t make himself a starter and he doesn’t give himself all those minutes fans want to see distributed elsewhere. They are given to him;
2) Dennis Lindsey is the one saying the Jazz owe RJ a lot and that the Jazz have a responsibility to continue his career;
3) Lindsey and Corbin are the ones that promised him playing time when he was traded to Utah.

Because he is championship-hunting doesn’t mean he can’t be a good guy in the Jazz locker room this season. At the very least, fans can possibly re-think being mad at him over coaching decisions or other decisions that he’s not the one making…is my opinion.

Wait, let’s end on a lighter note. How about another classic Enes Kanter “pass” (the one mentioned in the UDQMs)?


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