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Bits from Randy Rigby Interview, 12/18

December 20, 2013


Which NBA franchises do you admire most from a management standpoint?
There are a couple of ’em that come to my mind, and I try to have very good relationships because of that with them. I would have to say one of the top ones would be San Antonio.

And to me, that’s right there with them, if maybe even maybe a notch above them that I have a lot of respect for is Clay Bennett and the job that’s being done in Oklahoma City as well. You know, they’ve taken a small market and really embraced it.

That community is really behind their team, and they’re doing some great things. And they do it for the right reasons, and they’re good people, and I have a lot of respect for Oklahoma City.

Did you ever see coaching potential in Jacque Vaughn when he was a player?
Well, you know, I know we have felt like Jock has been a very bright student of basketball. And I think that is the first element that it takes to become a great coach, is really be passionate about understanding and learning the game. And Jock has really done that.

And it’s kind of fun to see how they have blossomed, and taken it from doing that, from a basketball player, to then bringing it to also to the coaching front. And we have a lot of respect for Jacque Vaughn. He is really, I think, one of the future, bright, young coaches in this league, and has done a very good job.

And you know, again, has had to, in many cases, do what Tyr[one Corbin] is doing. And that is, is keep teaching their, his team, through the losses, and being able to handle the challenge of multiple losses in a row, and how you keep that team engaged and looking through the positives of the challenges as you’re losing.

If this is a season of development, should Enes Kanter be getting more minutes?
Sometimes, with our own families, and with individuals, we can teach ’em in the game of life out there, and sometimes you also want to, I don’t want to say “penalize” ’em, or, you know, “ground” your kids. But sometimes, you also send life’s lessons by also making ’em realize that they have to sit and think about their consequences, and maybe get their attention a little more.

And I’m not suggesting and saying that’s totally what Ty has done, but I would not take that out of the realm of also realizing that a coach has to get their attention, and has to get them mentally coming prepared.

And if they’re not prepared, sending a message to them, that he expects them to do that. And that if they’re not ready, that we’re gonna play with those who are ready to play. And Enes is still a young, developing player, and sometimes you have to get their attention by also not letting ’em have what they wanna have, and that is playing time on the floor. (1280)

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