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Bits from Sidney Lowe Interview, 12/17

December 18, 2013
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Are you a Christmas guy? Is this your favorite time of year?
I’m not a real Christmas guy. You know? I kinda, you know, I get my presents done as best I can, and then I move on. And you know, I’m one that, I don’t like presents. I don’t expect presents. I normally just like to give presents.

Alec Burks obviously sees himself as a starter, but do you see him more as a bench/role player?
Well, it’s no question about it, you know, when you look at the transformation of our team last year to this year. You look at the young guys. You know, you look at Gordon [Hayward]. You look at Alec. You look at Derrick [Favors], and Enes [Kanter]. And I’m sure as those other guys left, those four guys felt that they were gonna step in and start.

And so, it certainly could’ve had an effect on Alec when he was basically the only one of that group coming back that didn’t start. But if that was the case, certainly give him a lot of credit for hanging in there. He definitely had some struggles early, but I think he’s accepted that role right now, that position, of coming off the bench and being a guy that we play through or go through.

I’m not saying he doesn’t want to start. I mean, all the players, everyone wants to start. But I think the main thing for him is to see how he’s playing whether he starts or not…If he gets into the starting lineup, then hopefully he continue to play.

What has been ailing or plaguing Enes Kanter this season?
You know, I really don’t know. Certainly, you know, you could, I could speculate, but that’s not good. But you know, again, you know, possibly that he felt that he was taking over the Al Jefferson role and maybe he felt the ball was gonna come through him as it did through Al, which, they’re totally different players.

Al is a career guy who can get down there and score the basketball. So, and Enes is not there yet.

So I don’t know what it was, that was bothering him. But certainly, it was a mental thing, because he would play okay, then he wouldn’t, and then he would miss some assignments. And I think that was the thing that was concerning at one point, was that, the mental part of it…

Hopefully, [his good performance at Miami] will continue, and he can get better™, and improve, and be more consistent.

What is Trey Burke’s greatest strength?
Trey came from being a scoring point guard at Michigan, where he held the ball in his hands all the time, so his strength is being able to shoot the ball. …

You know, in college, he felt the only way he could help his team win was to score. And now, here, on this level, you have other guys that can score, so he can be more of a playmaker and a leader, a general out there on the floor in terms of running the offense and getting the ball to the right people. And then defending.

But I think his strength obviously is shooting right now, but I think he’s gonna get better™ in those other areas. Because it’s so tough. I mean, it’s a really difficult position to play as a young player in this league. It’s harder than playing center. You know, it’s harder than playing a wing spot where you’re just coming off se–catching the ball and shooting the ball…

That’s a lot on a young guy, but he’s fairly intelligent. So, he’ll get it.

What do you miss most about coaching in college?
Just, I guess, just having an opportunity to have an impact on the kids. You know, one of the things that we did in my five years is, every single one of my kids graduated, except two. So we only had two guys that didn’t graduate…

It was a great experience to be around the kids. It was a great experience, you know, doing the recruiting process, and getting a chance to see the guys, and you pick who you want in college. And so, there’s some differences. But you know, the NBA is, like I said, is pure basketball, is what I love to do.

What would make this road trip a success?
One, obviously, we want to see continued improvement, is what we like to see. Continue to play hard, to play well, to execute, and to put ourselves in a position to win the game.

You know, when you’re playing on the road, most of the time it’s gonna be a tight ball game, unless you happen to be just a great team where you can go on the road and beat someone by double digits or blow someone out. …

We’re hoping to come out of this with a few wins, and that’s the plan, and you know, anytime you go on the road, you try to go .50–you try to go .500 if you can. Or better.

How the interview ends
1280: Good luck with that holiday shopping. I hear Ty Corbin can be a bit of a hard person to shop for. Stay away from–

Lowe: He is.

1280: –you know, anything embarrassing to give him, or anything like that, you know? Maybe a nice, new whiteboard, a nice new suit, maybe. Something like that. (1280)

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