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Game 27 of 82: Utah Jazz at Miami Heat (6-21)

December 17, 2013

lucas oil

Post-Game Quotage
** Tyrone Corbin on the game
Give them credit. They’re a really good ball club. They know what it takes to get themselves out of a hole or to get a gap and we just didn’t respond to the pressure they put on us in the second half.

** Enes Kanter on how he’s handled the ups and downs this year
My coaches always talking to me, you know, all assistant coach. And also my teammates too. You know, it’s just, you know, staying ready. Don’t matter, you know, coming from the bench or starting. You know, just always stay ready and I mean, in the end, you just playing for the Jazz.
** Kanter on Alec Burks
Just keep being aggressive like that, I mean, he’s gonna be, I mean, unbelievable, you know? Just keeping, keep going at guys, and they just can’t stop him.

** Alec Burks on scoring a career high in a loss
We lost, you know? I could have 50 and we lost still though, so it don’t really matter.
** Burks on Erik Spoelstra putting LeBron James on him
Just, I mean, everybody know who he is, you know? Just, but you know, it’s still a game, you know? So I still gotta be aggressive, you know? Just try to look for my teammates and try to help my team win.
** Burks on how he’s handled the ups and downs this year
You know, just staying, you know, staying aggressive, you know? Staying, just keep working, you know? We all working hard, so that’s how we deal with it.
** Burks on Enes Kanter
Had a couple rough games, but you know, he’s back, you know? But everybody knows the bigs is good.
Did you or any of the guys talk to him?
I didn’t say nothing to him. I knew he was gon get back right, you know? Enes is a good player, and he got his head on straight, so I knew he was gon get back right. (1280)

burks-houdini Houdini!

Random Stuff, etc.
** Love love love it when former/retired Jazz players still refer to the Jazz as “we.”

memo tweet

** Speaking of former Jazzmen, John Crotty in the scrum (photo via @DJJazzyJody):

john crotty

** Quote of the Night: “69 percent shooting for the Heat. The Jazz counter with 32 percent.” — Craig Bolerjack

harris-bucket Mike Harris, y’all.

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Craig Bolerjack: Kanter was a little late coming out.
** Matt Harpring on when players hit their prime: 28 to 32. I think 31, 32, you start coming down.
** Matt Harpring: LeBron James just sticks out, every game that I watch.
** Miami announcer: Success comes from penetration and focus. (H/T @dianaallen)
** Boler: If LeBron’s down, Wade takes it.
** Boler on James: You have to burn from within. If you don’t, you won’t last long.
** Harpring: I know Miami and LeBron as well wanna beat the Indiana Pacers, get everyone off.

To close:

tip-offThe moment when former football player Matt Harpring fell in love with LeBron James.

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