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Game 25 of 82: Utah Jazz at Denver Nuggets at (6-19)

December 14, 2013

pick-and-roll So. Good.

Pre-Game Quotage
** Randy Foye on his time in Utah
To be honest with you, I thought I still was gonna be there [after last season], but you know, things happen. It’s a business…Me and my family really enjoyed [living in Utah], and I wanted to be there for awhile, but things didn’t work out that way. It’s a business, like I said.


** Richard Jefferson on what Dennis Lindsey and Tyrone Corbin told him when he was traded to Utah
They came and told me, like, “We’re gonna have you play. We’re gonna have you play, and we don’t care what’s gone on in the past year. We just want you to go out there and be aggressive and help lead the young guys.”
** RJ on how Tyrone Corbin is different than other coaches he’s played for
Ty is such a good guy, and he’s a player’s coach. And you know, obviously he played for a lot of years, and he’s really helped me because, you know, he was a guy that, you know, he understands…He played, you know, as a defender at 28, but now all of a sudden you got to 34, and it was like, “Okay, things aren’t moving the same way.” And so you know, he means so much to these guys, and all he wants is for everyone to be successful. He’s a guy that played in the league; he’s a guy that played with great players in this league, and he just wants everybody to go out there with the same type of passion that he played with.

enes mouthpiece

Post-Game Quotage
** Tyrone Corbin on growing and growth
These guys, man, they’re growing into the roles that we’re looking for them to play for this franchise. And you know, although it’s new to ’em, they’re growing every night. And learning, and what it’s gonna take for them to be that next-level player on a consistent basis. And they’re showing a lot of growth every night.
** Jeremy Evans on instructions Corbin gave the team
He told us we gotta play like dogs.
** Gordon Hayward on the veterans
Huge, just huge for us. Especially just on the floor, the communication. I know a lot of you guys can’t hear ’em out there, but you know, they’re helping everybody through everything. On defense, on offense, telling us “Switch,” where to be at. I mean, they’ve just been tremendous for us.
** Trey Burke on Richard Jefferson
He’s like our x-factor right now. You know, a lot of guys, you know, they sleep on him, say he’s a little older. But he can still score…He’s playing phenomenal for us. He’s talking; he’s being a vet out there, and you know, he’s great for us right now.
** Marvin Williams on the game
I said it all along, man. RJ and I have been there before. You know, we’ve played in a lot of games, and you know, take nothing away from the young guys, man. They’re really growing, man. They’re learning quick. You know, for Gordon to kinda put the team on his back like he did tonight, man, it was huge for us. We wouldn’t have won this game without him.
** Derrick Favors, asked if he remembers the play “where you put your head down and hit Mozgov in the numbers”
Yeah, I thought I broke my neck on that play, man…I didn’t even know I made the basket. I just threw it up there.
** Evans, asked if Hayward will play FIFA with him tonight
Oh man, he’s already talking about it. (1280)

Sidney Lowe calls timeout:


Possession after the timeout:


Random Stuff, etc.
** People calling Alec Burks “Alec Burke” two or more times in one game: Craig Bolerjack
** People calling Jeremy Evans “Dunk Champ Jeremy Evans”: Trey Burke
** From the #GeographyFails files / People calling Utah a “city”: Randy Foye
** What happened at practice today?

punt tweet

** Former teammates in the same arena tonight:

miller jensen

** Dec. 9:

rush tweets
Dec. 10: Tyrone Corbin says he “just didn’t feel good about putting [Rush] in” games.
Dec. 11: Rush and Corbin meet before the Jazz’s game in Sacramento to talk about Rush’s frustrations over lack of playing time. (Trib)
Rush plays 20 minutes at Sacramento.
Dec. 13: Rush plays 10 minutes with 10 players getting in the game.

what a sight

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Richard Jefferson on having good nights on the court: I can’t do it like I used to. I’ll be the first one to admit that. And I used to be able to do things, you know, three, four nights in a row. Now it’s, you know, one every three or four nights.
** RJ on the NCAA tournament: You can have any guy get hot over a 10-minute stretch.
** RJ on Brandon Rush: I know coach Corbin was glad to be able to get him five or six consistent minutes on the court towards the end of the game, just, you know, just so he can kind of blow it out.
** RJ on whether there are young guys on the team that need to take advantage of opportunities they get: Well, there’re probably about three or four of those guys. But you know, there was a time where I was one of those guys.
** RJ on what Corbin tells him about getting older: Now all of a sudden, guys are kinda blowing by you and he’s like, “Richard, you gotta give guys more space.” He’s like, “Your brain is saying one thing; your body’s doing another.” And you know, this is coming from a guy that’s been there.

Yeah, RJ may be UDQM Man of the Year.

** Craig Bolerjack on Marvin shot: That one just faded off to the right.
** Boler: Ty is always up.
** Ron Boone on Kenneth Faried: You gotta put a body on him. You gotta ride him in that direction.
** Boler: I like it. I like the D!
** Boler: She…goes down. (H/T @carlsston)
** Booner: His second effort is quick! (H/T @carlsston)
** Boler: Inside goes Andre Miller, left hand, swings it up and in.
** Boler to Favors, post-game: The word is growth. Do you feel that? Is it coming, and why?
** Boler to Hayward, post-game: I’ve seen you in the locker room. We’ve talked. You’ve been upset, and frustrated.
** Jeremy Evans on losses: Weren’t great for us, and you know, we just try not to hang our heads and keep pushing. [How did you not hang your heads?] We talked to each other. That’s the biggest thing. Always talking. Complimenting each other, and just playing for each other.

To close: So good it deserves a second look.


P.S. When did they start putting ads on the top of backboards? Or have I just never noticed that before?

3 Comments leave one →
  1. December 14, 2013 11:25 pm

    Loved the game. That photo of Dre and Alex sent me straight back to college (you didn’t need to label those guys for me, that’s for sure).

    I don’t know how much the general Jazz fandom may care, but that Utes team was magical.

    • December 14, 2013 11:28 pm

      Well, I needed to label it for myself then. :) If Ron Boone hadn’t pointed out that #50 was Jensen when they were showing that clip, I would never have known.

  2. December 15, 2013 3:06 am

    Congrats Utah Jazz.

    I feel like making a snarky comment about losing our chance at Parker/Wiggin type players but I won’t :)

    Watching the 4th quarter was actually fun. Its nice to see the players succeed after being ignored for years.


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