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Game 20 of 82: Utah Jazz vs. Indiana Pacers (4-16)

December 5, 2013

gordon and george

Can’t believe the season is already one-fourth over!

Pre-Game Quotage
** Gordon Hayward on Paul George
I mean, he’s a good player, and I look forward to going against him every single time.
** Hayward on why the Pacers are winning
Defense. They’re tremendous on defense, all five guys. And they do a good job of protecting the rim and making shots difficult. So I guess you improve in that, that’s how you win basketball games.
** Trey Burke on what makes the Pacers so good
I just think their size on, you know, their defense, you know? Paul George, obviously, you know, is a really great scorer. You know, they have the big man in [Roy] Hibbert. You know, I just think we just have to go out there and compete.

ty-sidStep right up and watch Sidney Lowe’s face change from a comedy mask into a tragedy mask!

Post-Game Quotage
** Tyrone Corbin, post-game
You know, some nights, guys gon have good games. Some, not so good. But it’s a team, man. We’re not down on anybody that way. We just need, it’s a good ball club we played against, and we gotta have everybody play pretty high, at their best as a team, and we just didn’t get it tonight…I thought we still had opportunities in the game. We just didn’t make the shots down the stretch.
** Corbin on why Indiana is such a good team
Well, they’ve been together for awhile.* They’ve been together. They’ve learned how to win together. They’re tough defensively. And they really communicate with each other on the defensive end…They have an idea of who they are.

* If you look at the Jazz and the Pacers’ 8-man rotations, they’re pretty similar. Paul George, Lance Stephenson, Derrick Favors and Gordon Hayward are all from the same draft class. George Hill and David West are in their third season with the Pacers, while Enes Kanter and Alec Burks are in their third season with the Jazz.

Ian Mahinmi and Marvin Williams are in their second year with the Pacers and Jazz, respectively. C.J. Watson, Luis Scola, Richard Jefferson and John Lucas III are all in their first year with the Pacers and Jazz, respectively. Roy Hibbert is the only one of the eight who’s been with the Pacers for longer than four seasons.

Also, as @slcdunk tweeted out earlier today, Tyrone Corbin and Frank Vogel became the head coach of their respective teams within one week of each other.

** Gordon Hayward, post-game
At least we fought back and we didn’t let it turn into a 20-point lead. It very well could have been, so we gave ourselves a shot.
** Derrick Favors on whether this game was a step forward despite it being a loss
Overall, I think it was, man. I mean, nobody likes to lose but at the same time, you know, in the situation that we in, you know, I think it was a big positive for us. You know, they’re, the guys came out, showed that we can compete against, you know, the best team in the NBA, and you know, we gotta carry that onto other games.
** Trey Burke, post-game
I feel like we could’ve won this game tonight. It was just the small areas that we, we gotta execute better on the offensive end. You know, I feel like, you know, I could’ve done a better job of, you know, making plays for others down the stretch, you know, and then just trying to fire up the defense more to get some stops. (1280)


Random Stuff, etc.
** Jarron Collins hilariously weighing in on the late-game flopping:

jarron tweet

** People calling Trey Burke “Trey Burks”: Matt Harpring (H/T @DavidJSmith1232)
** People calling Alec Burks “Trey Burke”: Matt Harpring (H/T @bjcseven)
** People calling Sidney Lowe “Sid”: Steve Brown
** People calling Gordon Hayward “G”: Steve Brown
** People calling the Utah Jazz the “lowly Jazz”: recap guy

100 jersey

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Matt Harpring: Stevenson played for both teams. If you know what I mean, Boler. (H/T @slcjuanb)
** Craig Bolerjack: Wooo, it’s cold but hot inside.
** Harpring: Paul George is just leaking out early.
** Boler on flexibility: We all lost it years ago. I know I did.
** Harpring on Burke: He likes to play both ends.
** Boler on the ball: Up and down she goes! (H/T @carlsston)
** Boler: I don’t know if anyone knew what kind of arsenal Trey Burke possesses. I mean, he is showing a great shot selection. He’s going left hand, right hand, underneath, outside.
** Harpring on Kanter: He’s a banger, using his strength to get low on the box.
** Harpring: Kanter is just way off-balance trying to go at Hibbert.
** Boler: Paul George pops out, Harris right on his belt. There’s a little wiggle.
** Harpring on the Pacers: They grind you. (H/T @SurlyMae)
** Harpring on Hibbert: If you’re 7-2, 290, you don’t go down that easy.

4 Comments leave one →
  1. The Jorge permalink
    December 6, 2013 12:34 am

    Makes me a bit sad that Favors now is considering the ‘silver linings’ in losses like these. It seems not to long ago he, unless I am mistaken, said he wasn’t going to do that, just face the losses as they are and not look for moral victories.
    I wonder how the goals of the players and team have changed that we aren’t hearing about. What is Favors/Heyward/Kanter/Burke/Burks wanting to get out of this season?

  2. hamaca permalink
    December 11, 2013 8:33 pm

    That comedy mask/tragedy mask gif is hysterical. I’ve had to watch it a few times!


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