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Get to Know: Rudy Gobert

December 4, 2013
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From David Locke’s “Get to Know” series with Jazz players.


First team ever played on: St. Quentin, at age 12

First buzzer-beater: I had a buzzer beater. Three[-pointer]. Not a game-winner, but a buzzer beater.

First dunk: At 14 years old.

First pair of basketball shoes: When I was a kid. When I was young.

First time you ever saw yourself on TV: 18 years old. Basketball. In Cholet.

First car ever driven: French car. Peugeot.

First video game ever played: Super Mario or maybe Zelda.

First day off in Utah: Sleep.

Other players’ jerseys owned: Amar’e Stoudemire when I was young. I think that’s the only one.

First autograph: Professional player in France.

First big purchase: Car.

First time ever getting in trouble as a kid: When I was very young, I stole some stuff.

First pet: My sister had cats. Me, no.

First kiss: I was 13.

Do you remember who it was? Yeah.

Best game ever played: I was 17. 35 points, 13 rebounds, 5 blocks.

Worst game you’ve ever played: I never did like really bad, like 0-10. I would say the worst game like 20 minutes, 2 points, 3 rebounds.

Best athlete ever: Usain Bolt.

Best meal ever: Something good. A lot.

Hardest workout ever: Lots.

Most famous person you’ve ever met: Tony Parker.

Best movie ever: A lot. I like Django Unchained. 300. Harry Potter. Lord of Rings.

Dinner with three people, dead or alive: Barack Obama, French president, Michael Jordan.

What’s your mom like? Very nice. Protective. Very stressed for nothing. Gave me a good education. Strict when I do bad stuff.

You knew you were in trouble when… Oof. Many times.

You made your mom most happy when… When I was good at school. When I got draft. Many times, but mostly school and basketball.

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