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Game 17 of 82: Utah Jazz vs. Phoenix Suns (2-15)

November 30, 2013


** Jeff Hornacek on what has enabled him to be successful as a coach
Obviously, you gotta put the effort in there. And you know, with the guys we have, it’s just, you know, when I went out to hire the assistant coaches, I tried to figure out the best guys I could possibly get, you know, that could lend different strengths. And you know, I think I did that with [defensive] and offensive coaches. Really, all my coaches, I want them to know everything, but if they are particularly good at one thing or another, we try to find that balance. And you know, that’s helped tremendously.

** Tyrone Corbin, post-game
We didn’t give our best effort tonight, I didn’t think.
** Corbin on the Jazz getting beat down the floor after made baskets
Well, that’s what [the Suns] do. But we gotta get back.
** Corbin on how he’s simplified the offense
Right now, we cut the offense down a little bit where we can run because we’re getting so many new guys in, and we’re moving some guys around. But we gotta be able to get down the floor quicker, get to your spots and execute whatever we’re running.
** Corbin on thinking
Well, we, you know, we, ’cause we have, this is the first time since training camp we’ve had all the guys on the floor. So it’s, you know, it’s gonna be a moving, we have some things move around for a little while, but the five guys on the floor has to play. And we’ll put five guys out there, in the positions that they can play, and try and match up to some teams. Try and force our matchup on teams at different times. But we have to play. And you know, where we’re thinking, we gotta get the thinking out as we work our way back into shape so we can just play. ‘Cause the game is too fast. And if you’re thinking and trying to just think your way through it, you’re slowing the game down for us.
** Corbin on whether he was pleased with the Jazz’s shot selection tonight
Well, I wasn’t pleased with them making all their shots. We didn’t make all ours. (1280)

marvin-shot2My favorite shot of the night

Random Stuff, etc.
** Regarding Corbin’s assertion on Nov. 27 that the Suns have been winning games due to experience:

experience minutes

For what it’s worth, the coaching experience tally reads Jazz/Corbin 192 games; Suns/Hornacek 15 games.
** Low point of today’s commentary: Thurl Bailey saying that attending the School of Tyrone Corbin helped Jeff Hornacek out a lot.
** Rudy Gobert was the only Jazz player that got a DNP-CD. (Ian Clark and Mike Harris were inactive.)


** Jerry Sloan, in the house and shown on the broadcast!

jerry 1129

** How the “Green Out” turned out:

green out

biedrins tat

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)*
** Steve Brown: Left-handed hooker off the mark. (H/T @dianaallen)
** Brown: It’s a two-edged sword, having all these bodies available.
** Brown: Favors wanted the ball down low. He’ll have to change the angle on him, ’cause Plumlee had him from behind.
** Brown on Dragic: It really has seemed, just grinding with that left hand and using the bigger body against Trey Burke.
** Matt Harpring: A lot of doctors don’t like you. Brown: I know, but your wife, she thinks I’m okay. Harpring: Easy. Easy.
** Brown: May have heard Tyrone Corbin yell, “That’s too easy” as Markieff Morris got inside and scored.
** Brown: Well, how about that! How did that go in? …The lesson for young players is, get it up!
** Brown on Burks shot: He doesn’t care! Just shoot the thing, and it goes in.
** Brown on Jerry Sloan’s influence on Jeff Hornacek: That must be the inner Jerry that he tapped into that night.

* It says “unintentional,” but I’m pretty convinced Steve Brown’s DQMs are fully intentional.

To close: At least Utah is pretty.

pretty utah

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  1. bebop permalink
    November 30, 2013 7:55 pm

    DL has to know Ty is a terrible coach. It’s all for the tank.

    *rocks back and forth holding his knees and laughing*


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