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Bits from Randy Rigby Interview, 11/27

November 28, 2013
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On how the coaching staff has done a wonderful job making the players grow as human beings
I’ll have to s–I’m happy also that our coaching staff reached out and really got behind [the Jazz’s Thanksgiving event]. And this is one of those events that is not a mandatory appearance for our players.

And to see our coaching staff, to have then, also, a number of our players, in one of their few off-days, come out and be able to participate, and do these things, it’s warming to me to see these people. ‘Cause it’s also growing experiences. And I appreciate our coaching staff encouraging our players to grow not only on the court, but also off the court.

You know, we also did that last week. Last Friday, we had a day off on the road, and I, [Jazz Executive Director of Basketball Operations] Richard Smith put together–with Coach Corbin–a trip when we were in Dallas to actually go, and it was the day before, actually, the 50-year anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

And that’s another experience that I’m happy to see that we’re trying to create experiences for all of us to grow as human beings and not only just as sports fans.

The fans are embracing the direction of the team
Our fan base is really well-educated. We’ve been very clear of explaining and men–and telling everyone what our strategy is. And our fans have embraced it…

And it’s kind of interesting to now hear fans actually saying to us, “You know what? I’m watching more collegiate games than I’ve ever watched before. And I’m interested in seeing how the [Andrew] Wiggins and the [Jabari] Parkers and the [Julius] Randles, how all these different players are doing.”

‘Cause they, and it tells me they understand the strategy that we’re trying to do to really build a team and not just be in the middle. We want to be able to help re-develop a team that can be a long-term team that can compete for us, and, for the next, hopefully, 10, 12 years.

** Randy Rigby on not being milquetoast, unintentional dirty quote machine: Sometimes, that means doing the hard things that’s gonna make us have a little bit of pain. And we’ve been going through some pain here…We’re still gonna go through some of that pain as we go through this, you know, it, we’re seeing some hard times as we’re young, and growing, as we’ve been injured and growing. But you know what? We’re willing to take that pain. And our market has been behind us.

** The non-UDQM rest of the quote: We all see the long-term benefit that’s gonna, hopefully, come out of this as we continue to make right decisions.

On the differences between Kevin O’Connor and Dennis Lindsey’s respective managerial styles
Well, that’s one of the real advantages that we, I was, was very important for me, that as we retain and we keep Kevin engaged and involved.

And I’ll tell you, he’s very much engaged and involved in it, because Kevin had some great skillsets that I think, from that traditional, I shouldn’t call it “old school,” but a traditional, and he’s had to go through being a general manager when you didn’t have all the various tools, and you had to use, really, not only instinct and gut, but also historic, just, perspective, that you build up yourself. And Kevin has that rich heritage, and knowledge.

Dennis has a new fresh approach that has also, that brings out much more communiticative,* and much more collaboration, and so we have the rich kind of know–deep knowledge that Kevin has that challenges, that asks the hard questions that he’s constantly had to ask himself.

And Dennis has, I think, done a very good job of helping us organize a young group of, also, sports gurus around Dennis and around our basketball operations that is buil–that is bringing more analytics, that is bringing a lot of communication. A lot of video. A lot of, a lot more analysis and analytics, to us as well, and has a really great ability, he has a real great ability of also identifying tools that can help us be a better basketball team, also, with medical and with different sources that he has, over his, now, 25-plus years of being in this league, been able to utilize and see.

And so, we’ve got that two blends, and it’s working very well together.

* Not a typo.

** Randy Rigby on Trey Burke, UDQM: It’s hard to just take it, just get it from watching.

On Trey Burke
It’s gonna take patience from Trey. It’s gonna take some patience from us, that let him still get some time to continue to learning. But I’ll tell you, the young man has a great desire, of really being competitive, of really wanting to be a leader at the point guard position.

And I think at the Chicago game, I don’t, I shouldn’t say “I think.” I know, at the Chicago game, I saw a number of moves that were very NBA and quality moves, and I said, “Hey, this kid has got what it takes to keep, to be a leader for the Utah Jazz.”

On Jeff Hornacek
You know what? I’m happy for Jeff. He’s worked hard. He’s earned the right to be a head coach in this league, and I wish him well. But I don’t wish him well on Friday night. (1280)

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  1. bebop permalink
    November 29, 2013 1:25 am

    I’m really torn between whether I dislike Rigby or Ty interviews more; there just both so terrible.

  2. BostonJazzfan permalink
    November 29, 2013 12:40 pm

    Rigby seems like a dumb ass. Does he really think Jazz fans stand behind Corbin? Why does he seem so intent on trying to tell us how good of a job he is doing? Some of the stuff he says are almost exactly what we hear from Corbin. Is he the propaganda machine that is feeding Ty’s asinine statements? Also, is that really how Jazz executives dresses to go on TV? He looks like “Bob from the Ace hardware store.”


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