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Game 16 of 82: Utah Jazz vs. Chicago Bulls (2-14)

November 26, 2013

The Jazz won!!! Yes, the Jazz won AGAIN!!!


** Tyrone Corbin, post-game
Well, I thought, you know, the effort on all the guys’ part, especially the veteran guys…Richard [Jefferson] and Marvin [Williams], I thought, did a tremendous job of just keeping everybody going and focused on what we needed to do, and to close the game out, the determination that they all showed to win the ball game, and I thought it was great on all fronts.
** Corbin on the professionalism of Marvin Williams and Richard Jefferson
Oh, it’s huge. It’s huge. Yeah, I mean, it’s hard to measure how important it is when you’re struggling and when you’re with a young group, how they stay calm and how they continue to come back and work. And talking the guys through it, helping us as coaches, just reinforcing the things that we’re saying in trying to help the guys understand why we’re so hard on certain things and why we’re, you know, we’re getting on them and they’re frustrated because they’re not having success.
** Corbin on having Trey Burke on the floor down the stretch
He gotta learn. You know, he gotta learn, going through the process. And I think that this is a great learning experience for him, and we’ll watch this and talk about it. And we’re trying to talk him through some situations, but he gotta go through it, and gotta be able to see what’s working well for us, and where he don’t put hisself into tight binds. Can’t turn the ball over, can’t get late in the clock, shot clock, and get in a crowd and get stuck with the ball. So, but he made a big shot for us…He have to learn, and he’ll continue to get better™ as he get in better shape and get used to the moments here a little bit more.

good-thingGood thing both RJ and Brad Jones recognized a timeout was needed here (11.4 seconds left in overtime).

** Trey Burke on how he thought he played
Just little mistakes, you know? Coming off the scr–pick and roll, you know, and not making the right read. Coming off the pick and roll, sometimes passing when I could’ve shot. Sometimes shooting when I could’ve passed. You know, I think that’s just a feel. You know, coach Corbin got on me a little bit about that, you know, about not rushing, you know, slowing down the pace, knowing when to attack and when not to attack.
** Richard Jefferson, post-game
It’s gonna be a long year. We’re gonna have a tough year. And I feel like we’re gonna play better than what we’ve been playing, but we have young guys and we’re still a new group collectively, so there’s always gonna be ups and downs…Our team was depleted, we were banged up and we were young. That’s a bad combination in this NBA, and especially when you look at our schedule early. You know, Golden State twice, going on the road, multiple road trips already. Like, we haven’t had a 4- or 5-game stretch at home. You know, we haven’t had one of those. And, but that’s part of the NBA. That’s not an excuse; it’s just kinda the way it is.
** Gordon Hayward, post-game
I think that we’re learning a little bit. You know, earlier in the season we would’ve probably dropped this one by 10, 11 points, ’cause we were, we had been in this situation before, so. Good poise by us, a good learning experience and some growth, I think, and you know, I feel like we can build off of this.
** Rudy Gobert on what the locker room was like after this game
It was better than the last few games, for sure.
** Gobert on how he can continue to progress
For me personally, to watch my minutes and try to see where I can get better, and what I can do better on the floor. That’s how you get better, for me. And for the team, it’s almost the same. You know, just watch the film, and we work on it in practice, and keep getting better.* (KALL, 1280)

* Someone please get Rudy someone new to talk to before it’s too late and all he knows how to say is “get better.”

rudy-putbackHeard (very loudly) in the background during this play: “HEY! GET THAT SH-OUTTA HERE!”

Random Stuff, etc.
** Enes Kanter update:

jody enes tweet

** The Pink Grandmas were at the game…and the Millsap one has a new jersey:


** I previously noted the following: Hayward calls Richard Jefferson “RJ.” Favors calls him “Richard.” Kanter calls him “Jefferson.” Garrett calls him “Rich.” Marvin Williams also calls Richard Jefferson “RJ.”
** Marvin Williams nip slip, courtesy of Carlos Boozer (but really via the Salt Lake Tribune):

marvin nip slip

** One of the low points of tonight’s game: Matt Harpring dubbing these fans…


Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Bulls announcer: Tom Thibodeau and the Bulls trying to regrope. (H/T @dianaallen)
** Carlos Boozer after scoring on Marvin Williams: TOO SMALL! (H/T @halloweenheadfm)
** Matt Harpring on now linking box scores to videos: That’s huge for players. Watching film alone, you go home, and watch your own–yourself, go through every play.
** Craig Bolerjack: Favors pushes Boozer as far out as he can, Boozer turns and fires.
** Harpring on Boozer: He’s a little undersized, but the space and the power that he generates from those hips.
** Boler: Boozer went down, picks himself up.
** Boler, getting confused by a changed timeout call in the middle of reciting a commercial: Now we’re going full, the Jiffy Lube.
** Boler: Lucas hit the standard hard, and it’s a good thing they put padding on there a few years ago.
** Harpring on Gibson and Favors: Gibson here thinks he has him, and says, “Uhhhh-oooohhh, Favors a little longer than I thought.”
** Favors on fouling out: That just how it go, man. I mean, you can’t control it. That just how it go.

To close: The Jazz almost had their very own Sasha Vujacic moment:


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