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Bits from Dennis Lindsey Interview, 11/22

November 24, 2013


The State of the Jazz
[It will do] no one any good, you know, to make this month a referendum about Ty[rone Corbin]. It doesn’t do justice to how difficult that position is.

So, has Tyrone Corbin been put in a difficult situation?
Oh, absolutely. You know, I think by definition, you know, Ty’s tough spot–and the coaches, really, it’s just not Ty–you know, the coaches, you know, that started when Coach [Jerry] Sloan decided that, you know, he was done, and everybody, you know, it’s well-chronicled, you know, what happened with Deron [Williams]…

And really, that started the rocky ship for Ty and the whole coaching staff immediately, you know?…So, you know, more often than not, when a young coach inherits a job, it’s, you know, usually, I wouldn’t say “unstable,” but it w–you know, it’s a situation where there’s some circumstances around it.

And you know, I think, you know, after a n–or a rough initial start, you know, after Deron, the following year, and the tough lockout year, you know, we were able to sneak in [the playoffs] and last year we were able to have a winning record.

On Trey Burke’s return from injury
What I think going forward what, Trey being back will allow us to do, is get guys back in the proper roles.

And you know, the only person I was more happy for than Trey…was Ty, you know, because no one wanted to go into this season with a very inexperienced and new point guard group, and then, you know, have, you know, our, one of our more significant acquisitions go down due to injury.

On Burke’s minute restrictions and Corbin’s adjustments
I do think that we, you know, there’s certain situations where y–common sense needs to prevail. And so, we’ll incrementally increase his minutes and responsibility as, you know, as his conditioning and rhythm dictate and as the game dictates.

And you know, I think some of you have already seen the differences, you know, in what we’re tactically doing, you know, from an offensive strategy standpoint, to fit some of our perimeter players, and you know, most notably Trey, in what they do.

And so, you know, that’s much appreciated that Ty’s made some adjustments there. (1280)

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