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Bits from Randy Rigby Interview, 11/20

November 22, 2013
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Tune in to the first three minutes of the interview to hear Spencer Checketts and Gordon Monson compliment Randy Rigby on his incredible fashion style and wardrobe, which apparently includes three-button sweaters, khakis and chinos, and asking him for fashion advice. Also, Checketts bragging about how he gets all his clothes for free.

Forget the Jazz’s record. What do you see that shows progress is being made?
Well, I appreciate one thing, that, and that is, is Ty[rone Corbin] is working with our team. And talking to ’em, and addressing issues. We’re seeing them minimizing, now, they’re still making some of the same mistakes, but I’m seeing more learning going on with our team, that they’re making, they’re being smarter in their offensive and defensive sets.

And I’m happy with seeing progress that our players are starting to understand, and they’re believing in what our coaching staff is telling them. And that, and starting to see better execution from that…

But there’s real a real impact of not having a pew, a pure point guard leading this team, with someone like Trey Burke…And we’ve been bit by, also, the bug of not having the offensive threats that we would hoped to have had. Brandon Rush not being back on the floor yet. Marvin [Williams], it took awhile and he’s starting now coming back, and then breaks, unfortunately, breaks his nose…

We’re gonna be a team in progress, and that’s seeing regular progress and improvement, and we’re making those steps. So I’m pleased with some of the steps, either though, even though I’m not pleased with [the Jazz’s record].

What do you want to see that you’re not seeing?
We want to see 48 minutes of a team that can play, and they’re’s playing hard, and would like to see a little more toughness coming out of our guys.

I’ve appreciated Ty on a number of occasions said to these guys–you know, and I think that’s, again, from being young, and being new, and playing new together–but he says, “You know what? We can still work on execution stuff. But there’s still no reason, you know what, when someone comes after you and is kinda beating you up on the playground, you don’t sit and take it. You go right back after them.”

And he says, and that’s the one thing that I think our team can continue to do better. I think we need to be better at our intensity and getting more in other people’s face, and I think we can be better also in thir–48 minutes of really Jazz basketball-style play.

On why Gordon Hayward has struggled and been inconsistent*
* This interview took place before his 1-17 night, which was a night Jamaal Tinsley was not on the roster. Also, this question was couched by Checketts in “Gordon has been defended by Andre Iguodala, who shut down guys like Kobe Bryant and LeBron James and guards guys like Kevin Durant!”

Now, teams have had some time to also scout how teams are playing and how we’re playing. And I think we were going through that period as well, that people realized, that was our go-to man.

And we had e–and at times, unfortunately, with Jamaal [Tinsley], who was not being able to score for us, so teams were staying off of him and double-teaming Gordon. He was having bigger challenges in being able to really score the ball. And I think it had an impact on, then, you know, the results of his stats.

On Marvin Williams
Number one, Marvin is a really high-qualiter, quality individual. He has real good character. He is a quality man, and, off the floor. On the floor as well. Is, you know, and he’s been frustrated, I know, for a lot of his career.

And I’ve seen this year, a stepping up of his career and his play that is very pleasing to our basketball operations. And I think he has, he’s worked on a few things that has, I think, helped him, and some confidential things that our coaching staff and our training staff has identified and he has been implementing it, and it’s made a difference…

I’ve really liked his attitude, his veteran presence, and his support that he’s doing to his other teammates.

On Alec Burks
I think we’ve put him in some challenging roles, that has not allowed him to natur–play to his natural kind of style, and his type of game. And I think as we’re getting Trey back, one of the things that I know we’re gonna be looking at is, is actually getting Alex* back into the right roles, and seeing how he is, then, performing. And challenging him to really develop his game the way that we see it should be developed.

* People calling Alec Burks “Alex”: Randy Rigby

Are you starting to become concerned with the direction of the team?
No, I, we’re, you know what, we’re very confident in the direction that we’ve made…And whether we’re 1-11 or maybe 3-9, I mean, it’s still, those are still hard things for all of us to be doing, particularly for a coach and a team.

But they’re staying together. Our coaching staff has stayed together. And we’ve had very good meetings from our ownership. Our owners have been wonderful, in really supporting the coaching staff, supporting the front office in the direction we’ve done.

And we’ve had numerous discussions in saying, “You know what? We have to stay together and united,” ’cause we knew things were gonna get tough when you started going through these early times and stretches like we’re going through right now. But everyone is behind this plan, and it is working…

And you know what? It makes me happy to know that those fires of losing, we can’t lay, let that bitter taste ever leave any of us. (1280)

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