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Bits from Sidney Lowe Interview, 11/19

November 20, 2013
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sidney lowe

What is the coaching staff’s message to these young players right now?
Well, you know, the thing that ♥COACH♥ has talked about is continuing to work. Continuing to try to improve in, you know, in different areas. Just trying to get better.

He’s always said that the only way we can, you know, get out of it is continue to work, and certainly not make the same mistakes that we’ve been making. And go out there and play hard. And you know, that’s pretty much been his message.

** Sidney Lowe, Unintentional Dirty Quote Machine: You have to do everything hard, and fast. And you have to do it correctly. You know, if it’s not done right, it’s not gonna work. And so if there’s any slippage at all, then it’s gonna count against you.

How difficult is it to get the “play hard” message across?
You know, it shouldn’t be hard. You know, and that’s what ♥COACH♥ talked about, you know, you shouldn’t, as he talked, you know, you shouldn’t have to coach effort.

You know, you wanna have people, certainly, you know, on your team that’s gonna come out and play hard. You know, it’s the one thing you can do every single night. You know, you’re not gonna make shots every night. That’s not gonna happen. But the one thing that you can do is you can play hard every single night.

And for young guys to understand that, you know, we have some guys that have stepped into different roles and that they, you know, they haven’t been used to. And, you know, but it’s a big boy league, and you gotta be ready to do it.

How has Gordon Hayward responded to his increased role?
I think he’s done very well. He’s handled the situation, I think, just the way, you know, he should have. He’s playing, you know, excellent basketball right now, and he’s aggressive. He’s active, you know, taking the ball to the basket.

You know, he wants to take those shots that might get us going. I think in the situation he’s in, he’s handled it very well and you can see the improvement in his game.

How can the Jazz score more points?
Well, you know, I think we, you know, we don’t have that one guy. You know, you, we don’t have that guy that you go to when you just put it in his hands and he scores. You know, there’s several teams that have that. We don’t have that. We have to do it collectively…

When we come down and no-pass shot or one-pass shot, that kills us. And we’ve done too much of that. We’ve done too much of that lately. And you know, sometimes it’s guys trying to take it upon themselves to do it, you know, which you want them to certainly, wanna be in those situations. But we’re not that kind of a team.

What is your message to the mightily struggling Alec Burks?
You know, just tell him, “Just don’t press. Don’t press yourself.” You know, you can’t press in this game. You get tense, you try too hard, and it ends up going against you. He’s gotta really allow the game to come to him now, and that’s something really different for him.

You know, coming out of college, he’s more accustomed to having the ball in his hands, and him creating and making things happen. And now, we’re saying, you know, just take a step back and just let the game come to you. Get some easy ones. You know, get out on the break. Get a deflection on the defensive end. Work hard on the defensive end…

We just tell him, just allow the game to come to you and take the shots when it’s there. And if it’s not there, then move the ball and just continue to play the right way.

You’re probably the best point guard on this team right now. How frustrating is it for you to watch the Jazz’s point guard struggles?
It’s tough, obviously because, you know, I did play that position. And now, I will say this. You know, these guys, they’re a little different type of point guards than I was. You know, I was a point guard that ran the show and thought the game and tried to defend and do those things.

And these guys are more, they’re more scorers. You know, they [have] scorer’s mentality and that’s the tough thing, is getting them to pull back on that and really become a student of the game. And learn the game, learn reads and learn, you know, what you’re looking for when you come off the pick and roll.

And you know, those are the types of things that we’re trying to work with them, is, you know, when you come off the pick and roll, they’re so accustomed to coming off and looking for themselves.

And you know, when I played, we played, it was you come off and you reading the big, ’cause you’re ready to make that pass. So that’s two different mindsets there. And you know, and I tried to make the game easy.

So you know, but, you know, these guys, they’re talented young men, and I think they’re gonna get it. It’s just a matter of them making some adjustments and continuing to learn.

How much of a boost will Trey Burke give the Jazz immediately?
He’s gonna give us a very good lift. You know, he’s a talented young man, and he can, obviously, he can shoot the basketball. I think that he is certainly learning and working on his, you know, his skills in terms of running a team and what to look for when he’s coming off of a screen or pick and roll or whatever.

He’s learning that, that it doesn’t have to be about him all the time. And, but, you know, having him in there, and his ability, like I said, to make a shot and get us into our offense and be a threat for us is gonna be, it’s gonna be really good for us.

What are you seeing in the evolution of Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter?
Well, I think they both are gonna continue to get better.

Derrick certainly has stepped up his game and opened up his game a little more. You know, I think you see him, he’s added that little jump shot at the foul line. He, you know, he’s taking, or the face-up in the post, and, even though a couple times ♥COACH♥ didn’t want him to take that one. You know, he wanted him to get inside, but you know, and he’s rebounding and defending well. And I think he’s becoming more comfortable in that role. …

You see [Enes] trying to come back [from his injury]. And at times, you know, he’s forcing it a little bit, trying to rush it. And you know, he’s talked to all the coaches. He’s sat down and talked with ♥COACH Corbin♥, and, about things.

But, you know, there’s certainly a bright spot there as well. You know, I think Enes has shown that he can face up and shoot the ball, and you know, that might end up being his best asset, is his ability to pull 5-men out a little bit and be able to face-up and shoot the ball.

Have any of the coaches ever faced a challenge like this one, with so many young players?
You know, I hadn’t. I talked to ♥COACH♥ about it. You know, I had a fairly young team in Vancouver, but yeah, I had some pretty good players, obviously, like [Mike] Bibby and Shareef [Abdur-Rahim].

But we didn’t have a schedule like this. I mean, this is, you know, this is really tough for a young team, for a team where guys are, really, a couple of guys for the first time, you know, that they’re starters in the NBA, and looking to play 30-35 minutes a night, or 40 minutes a night.

And then to get this type of schedule, it’s really tough. It’s really tough.

So you know, what I’m hoping is that we, you know, we learn from it. I’m hoping that we learn, that they learn how to play on the road, you know, with all these games, and understand what it takes to win on the road. You know, that’s a big challenge. It’s hard for any team to win on the road…

When you’re playing on the road, you’re really just trying to hang in there. You’re just trying to execute. Tempo is so m–is so key, in terms of, you know, not turning the ball over, not pushing it too fast, but executing, and then you try to get it at the end, because you just don’t go on the road and blow teams out.*

* The teams that have come through EnergySolutions Arena this year don’t seem to agree…

After Lowe hangs up, Gordon Monson asks how much the coaches have to learn in dealing with adversity, how to coach in practice, and how to teach.

Spencer Checketts responds that you can talk about coaching all you want, but the Jazz don’t have great talent. They only have young players and limited veterans, and are a bad basketball team without a decent point guard. Diante Garrett has shown some signs, but John Lucas III has not worked out. Alec Burks is a square peg in a round hole, and looks disinterested. The players are not guarding or scoring and are literally doing nothing well. So it’s on the players. (1280)

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  1. November 20, 2013 2:43 pm

    love the new interpretation for sidney’s admiration of COACH..!


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