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Game 11 of 82: Utah Jazz at Golden State Warriors (1-10)

November 17, 2013

biedrins priest

** Tyrone Corbin, post-game
I liked the way we came out in the third quarter. I thought we picked it up and played a lot better in the third, and I, you know, had to extend the guys, the group again, and, minutes there, but you know, we gotta put together 48 minutes, especially on the road, man. And, we have to do it.
** Corbin on the Jazz’s point guard play
I thought [John Lucas III] did a better job organizing. I played Alec [Burks] 20 minutes in the first half, and I, and they went small, and I was gonna save him when they went big. We had a cross-match there, so, but Luke did a good job getting us organized in that third quarter. I thought he pushed the pace for us. I thought we got some good execution out of our offense, and defensively I thought we did a good job there.

mac tweet

** John Lucas III, post-game
You know, coach is a, he’s a competitor like I am, like we all are. You know, he came in [at halftime], and dug in us, and told us, like, “Look, man. If y’all wanna play, y’all, whoever wanna play, y’all gotta go out there and play hard.” And you know, he, you know, he decided who he wanted to play. And our whole thing, when I went in for the start in, for the third quarter, I pulled the team together. I said, “Look, guys. Let’s go out here and play hard. Let’s go out here and play tough, and go out here and just leave everything on the court.” ‘Cause at the end of the day, you know, you, I mean, I like to go to sleep with my head on the pillow knowing that I gave everything I had tonight.
** Lucas on being in mismatches
[Mark Jackson] look at my size, but that don’t matter. It’s about what’s, what ticks right here inside, and that’s my heart. And I refuse to back down. You know, he’s not, it’s no easy post-ups with me. You gon have to shoot over me. You’re not gonna get to the hole. It’s not gonna be a layup. It’s gonna be either a fadeaway or you gonna have to make a tough shot over me. And you know, that’s where my competitive spirit come in. You know, I’m, I step up to the challenge.

Random Stuff, etc.
** Steve Brown with Installment No. 2 of Utah Jazz Geography Lessons: “Australian is not that far from American.”


Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Steve Brown: There’s the penetration. This time it’s Klay Thompson taking it inside.
** Brown: Gobert banging inside, something he needs to learn to do.
** Ron Boone on Steph Curry: You can see right there, he’s got the entire package.
** Brown on Marvin Williams and his mask: He told me, “I hate it. But safety first.”
** Brown: You gotta set those hips. If you don’t, you drag the pivot and that’s exactly what happened.
** Brown: Bogut backing out. An illegal screen. Put that little rear end and backed around.
** Brown: Gordon Hayward splashes another from the outside.
** Booner: Sometimes, guys just can’t put the brakes on. Brown: Or don’t want to, especially when you’ve got the smallest guy on the floor in front of you.
** Brown on Klay Thompson: Just to show you he could do it both ways. (H/T @RxMike12, @halloweenheadfm)
** Corbin on Marvin’s mask: It was in his way of his shooting, so he decided to take it off. And he fought the whole time, and I kept axing him, “Are you okay?” And he didn’t want to come out, so I really appreciate what he’s doing for us.

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  1. November 17, 2013 11:48 pm

    my favorite exchange.. (around Lucas’ miracle scoop shot)
    Brown: i bet you did that a hundred times in your day.
    Boone: what, travel? absolutely!

    i love ron boone.


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