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Game 10 of 82: Utah Jazz vs. San Antonio Spurs (1-9)

November 16, 2013

Coach Pop wanted his team to practice coming back from double digits, and there was nothing the Jazz could do about it.


Pre-Game Quotage
** Tyrone Corbin on the point guard situation
We’ll look at it. We’ll see. You know, John [Lucas III] missed some shots. You know, but, and Alec [Burks] was playing a little better. And we wanna get Delonte some more minutes in there. So you know, we, he’s bigger; he can see things over the top. So, we’ll see how things go here.
** Corbin on the Spurs
They’ve been together so long. They know who they are. Everybody in the league know who they are. And they’re just great at who they are and how they play…They, you know, it’s amazing in this league when you get veteran guys who know each other, who know how to play, who are about winning, and they have a system in place. It’s been there for so long, and they, it’s a comfort level.
** Diante “Delonte” Garrett on Wednesday night
I was happy all night last night. I talked to my dad and my mom on the phone for awhile last night, and I don’t even remember what time I went to sleep…My mom was very excited. She couldn’t stop yelling, like [in high-pitched voice], “Good job, baby!” and stuff like that. But yeah, they were excited, and it made more excited.
** Derrick Favors on how engaged Jerry Sloan has been
He very engaged. He help coaches out a lot. You know, he give the players a coupla pointers about certain things, and you know, it’s good to have him around.
** Richard Jefferson on whether he plans to buy John Stockton’s book
Hopefully, they give us a free book.
** RJ on Jason Kidd and John Stockton
Playing with Jason Kidd, you know, Jason Kidd has always said that John Stockton was the most difficult person for him to guard. And part of it was because he looked at him as a mentor. He looked at him as the person that you wanted to get to where he was on the offensive end, on the defensive end. The way he approached the game. And you know, so I, playing with Jason Kidd for all those years and hearing how he just idolized John Stockton, that says a lot about the type of player he was.

garrett 90

Post-Game Quotage
** Tyrone Corbin, post-game
We had some good looks. We missed some good shots. But you know, give them a lot of credit, man…You saw their experience and then their goodness showed at the end there. They, that’s a good team over there…You know, we’ll keep fighting. We got some things to get better™ at, continue, to continue to get better™ at, but you know, we just have to keep working.
** Corbin on Alec Burks
I thought he had a good first half. You know, I thought he did a good job in the first half for us…And then we got a little, we lost a little pep, there, on both ends of the floor. But I thought he played well for us. He, you know, he ran out of gas a little bit. And all the guys, I played them a little extra minutes tonight, and it cost us down the stretch.
** Corbin on Derrick Favors
I thought he really anchored the defense and made some good blocks. He really controlled the boards on both ends. Got in a little foul trouble and pulled back a little bit, but I thought his effort and his focus on both ends of the floor is getting a little better™.
** Corbin on Gordon Hayward
Some of the same shots he usually make, and he missed tonight. And you know, he took the right shots. So I’m not, you know, some nights it’s not gonna go in for us. And we needed him to, we, and he’s, not just needed him tonight. We need him to make shots for us, and unfortunately for us, it didn’t go in for him tonight.
** Corbin on Enes Kanter
He’s getting, you know, Enes is growing. He’s a young guy. He’s getting better™ every night. He’s learning what it takes to be a starter in this league, how he have to prepare himself coming off the, coming out the third quarter to be ready, and be ready if he come off the, if we having a good run, coming off the bench and getting ready to go again, starting himself up pretty fast, and I think he’s getting better™ there.

masked marvin

** Gordon Hayward on shooting 5-23
It’s just, for whatever reason, they didn’t fall, so. They’ll fall the next game.
** Gordon Hayward, post-game
We just need to learn how to close out games. Played well for three quarters, just not the whole fourth, so. You know, they’re a veteran team. They know how to win basketball games…and we’re learning how to.
** Marvin Williams, post-game
You gotta take your hat off to San Antonio. I mean, they’ve been in that position before, so they know what it’s like to be down, and you know, down the stretch they really do a good job of executing. And they picked up their defensive intensity, and forced a few turnovers, forced a few tough shots, and ended up winning the game.
** Enes Kanter, post-game
You know, I respect all of them. You know, [Tim] Duncan is, you know, he’s a legend, and you know, all those other guys…been in this league a long time. You know, it’s really good to play against them. You know, we fighted back.
** Derrick Favors, post-game
You know, the last couple years, I’ve come off the bench and I had other guys to rely on. Now, guys relying on me so you know, just going out there and being comfortable, taking my time, and you know, just trying to deliver. (!!!deliver!!!)
** Favors on Alec Burks
He’s an athletic point guard. You know, he can guard other athletic point guards like Tony Parker and those guys. So he helps a lot with defense. (KALL, 1280, Utah Jazz)

Random Stuff, etc.
** People calling Diante Garrett “Delonte” twice in one minute: Tyrone Corbin.
** People calling Trey Burke “Alec Burks”: David Locke (H/T @RxMike12).

burke podcast

** People who think Argentina is in Europe: Matt Harpring.
** Marvin Williams arrived at the arena playing with a Rubik’s Cube (via @DJJazzyJody):

Gordon Hayward was being interviewed as Marvin walked by. Hayward began laughing and said, “Is there a blizzard out there?” Marvin’s response: “You know I’m not from Indiana, bro.”
** Truly, truly random: An exchange between Kay Malone and Val Kilmer (H/T @UGottaLovItBaby).

kilmer kay

** Young(er) Coach Pop, talking about his admiration for Jerry Sloan’s Jazz (via @JazzBasketball1):


Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Steve Brown: Timing is when that ball goes in.
** Harpring on Pop: I wouldn’t interview him. He comes at ya.
** Brown on Tony Parker: That’s what they work on stopping, but he is so quick especially when he gets rubbed off like that. (H/T @UkNo1Jazzfan)
** Brown to Harpring: I’ll play your straight man, ok? (H/T @Texas)
** Harpring on Garrett: The size is what’s gonna get him far.
** David Locke to Sidney Lowe at halftime: We know Pop just got into them, so what do you expect to see in the first five minutes?
** Lowe with the sexual assault advice: We have to take what we want, and not what they give us.
** Brown: Just about as clean a facial as you can get on that play. (H/T @UKNo1JazzFan)
** Brown on the Spurs’ offense: Let’s just jam it ’til it quits working.
** Harpring on Marvin’s mask: I would imagine that is very hard to play with.
** Brown on Marvin’s mask: It’s a pretty significant piece of equipment. (H/T @dianaallen)
** Harpring: The penetration is what hurts the Spurs. (H/T @5kl, @jazzeduteman, @Dymecoar, @its_computers)
** Marvin on getting a custom mask: Hopefully that’ll fit a little bit better, but until then, I’m just gonna have to ride it out.

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  1. November 17, 2013 4:29 am

    that Argentina stuff was killing me.


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