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Bits from Karl Malone Interview (11/13) and Other Karl Malone-y Bits

November 15, 2013
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(Via @mamail32)

A call for relief support for the Philippines
My wife is part Filipino, and I think everybody realize what have happened over in the Philippines. I would really, really like to call on Jazz Nation and Utah to do what we’ve always done, and let’s get together a point to, maybe at the dealership, let’s start giving blankets and stuff.

Senator [Orrin] Hatch have always helped me out with this in the situation in Samoa. My wife and children are part Filipino, and I just want to pray for them, but I want us to put together something like we’ve always done in Utah, and I’ve always said Utah’s always stepped up with me.

Let’s really put our minds together and do some, and get some kind of fundraiser. They don’t need money; they need supplies…I know Jazz Nation is listening to this, and I, me and my wife Kay will definitely spearhead this thing.

Where are you?
I am just coming out of the woods from hunting. We on the cell phone. So we want Jazz Nation to know just in case it’s dropping, I’ll be trying to call back.

What did you see from Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter that gives you confidence they will continue to improve?
Well, look. First of all, we have a young, talented team. And of course, we off to a rough start. We don’t have to beat the fart out of a dead mule there. But we know that. Everybody know that.

But the fact of the matter is, working with those young guys, you know, I had a lot of fun with them. And I just think with the, you know, they’re the men now. They’re the big guys, and I think with more reps that they get, more game they get under their belt, they gon just be better and better.

But of course, we wouldn’t wa–we don’t wanna be the only team that haven’t won a game. But it is what it is. But the fact of the matter is, my biggest thing is for the guys to continue to believe in each other, continue to play hard, continue to get better.

Which areas do Favors and Kanter most need to work on?
Let me tell you, and I think everybody realize this, right? Everybody want more shots. Everybody want the offense ran to them. Rebounding, loose balls, all those things are hustle plays. So those are the things that they gotta continue to do.

If the ball on the floor, go get it. You know, rebound. Those are all effort. And these guys continue to do that, if you get 10 rebounds today, get 12 tomorrow. If you get 12, get 13. And now you become a team that’s start to do the little things.

Let me tell you something. I am a humongous Tyrone Corbin fan. People need to realize that. That guy have a tough role to hold. But what we gotta do is continue to support him, which, that’s what we’re doing. That’s what the Jazz are doing.

But our guys, unfortunately, Tyrone and the coaching staff can’t go play. You know, the players got to play.

But I think our big guys gotta continue to be a force, put pressure on the defense by running the floor. Running wide. All of the things that Jer–Coach Sloan taught me. Now, effort is a thing that you always have to give, is effort.

On Isiah Thomas saying he was the weakest link on the Jazz championship teams
If that’s that young man’s opinion, leave it like that because if I, you know, you can get into, like, as Coach Sloan would say, you can get into a tinkering contest with a guy like that, and if I start this, he become relevant. He’s not even relevant to me.

I let my play speak for itself, and I’m not even gonna stoop to those levels. That’s what our society is about right now. If I talk smack about an individual, I have some substance to me, so, to myself.

So, hopefully he enjoying his retirement life, or lack thereof, and, who knows. I just say “Happy Thanksgiving” to the young fella.

Thoughts on Gordon Hayward
Well, what I seen from Gordon Hayward, particular this year, I seen a person that’s more confident in himself. And I would l–I hope that Gordon is willing to stay there…It sure would be neat to see him stay with us, but that’s gonna be his call.

But I really like where Gordon is at right now. The games I been able to watch, he’s very aggressive. And he got a more confidence aura about him that I really, really like. And I think he had a good camp, and I think it’s showing now.

And it’ll be neat for him to be around. But that’s gonna be all left up to him and his agent or his family or everybody like that. But I really, really like Gordon. And I’ll be the first to admit, when things started happening, I was looking around saying, “Okay, Gordon”–and to myself–“You know, let’s start being a leader.” And now he’s starting to do that, and it’s really refreshing to me.

What does your Jazz schedule look like?
It’s hunting right now. So right now, I can’t, but see, we talked about this early on…I would definitely meet ’em on the road at time to time, but I wanna meet ’em on the road when they have some days that we can work on some things.

And you can’t, you know, it ain’t gonna be about trying to kill ’em or nothing like that, because it ain’t that time of the year. But absolutely, and I, and as time go on, I wanna be more and more involved with the Jazz and with the bigs. Absolutely.

When will you write a book and what will it be called?
I don’t know, but I will go on record to say I think I got the guy that’ll write it for me, I’m sure, already in Utah if I do, and I don’t, I have a couple names that I could call it…

It could be, you know, “Mail Time.” It could be “Through My Eyes.” It could be something like that. You know, it could be that. But I will tell you this. I doubt if Imma write a book, but if I do, I’m not writing a book to, if I talk about anybody, it’s gonna be about myself. Not anybody else.

Nothing about Isiah, then?

Who? (1280)

ty watch

miller watch

Derrick Favors on what it was like working with the Mailman this past summer
It was pretty fun, you know? It was tough at the same time, but you know, I took a lot out of it. You know, we worked on a lot of things and we sit and talked and had a man-to-man conversation.

You know, he was telling me things and he showed me a lot of offensive stuff. A lot of pick and roll stuff. But the one thing I took away from it is, protecting my body. Being, you know, in good shape…

The one thing I said I wanted to improve on [this past summer] was my conditioning. So that’s why I asked to, you know, work out with Karl Malone.

Enes Kanter on what it was like working with the Mailman this past summer
Let me tell you this. Louisiana is really hot. Like, it was really, really hot. So, first time I went there, I went to his house. He got the craziest house ever. Like, ever.

When we start practicing, he was, like, more excited than me. He was running around. He was, like, clapping, and doing all the other stuff. He still love basketball.

He’s still have, like, you know, he’s in really good shape. I will hate to play against him, ’cause, not one-on-one, but we did little bit. Man, he is strong. Real strong.

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  1. bebop permalink
    November 15, 2013 12:20 pm

    “Mail Time” needs to happen.

    I <3 Karl. It certainly doesn't seem like any other player loves his franchise as much as he does. Love that he still says "we".

    I love when I go to the site and the headline is "Bits from Karl Malone Interview…"

  2. JasonInPG permalink
    November 15, 2013 1:05 pm

    I’m still laughing at “tinkering contest”.

  3. RedRockJazz permalink
    November 16, 2013 2:55 am

    “beat the fart out of a dead mule” I’ll be using that one for sure now.


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