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Bits from Tyrone Corbin Interview, 11/12

November 13, 2013
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Overview of the team, eight games in
Well, the overview is we’re 0-8. The young guys are working hard. We’re trying to get better™. We’re shorthanded here with a lot of guys being injured coming out of training camp and the first part of the year here.

But you know, we’re a little beat up, mentally. Losing games, but the guys are continuing to work, and we’ll continue to work as we get healthy, to get better™, to finish this season off.

What has been the biggest problem defensively?
Well, youth, man. I mean, you’re young. It’s a young group of guys. And how, teaching them how important the little things are, and everybody doing the right thing, in ev–in each and every possession…It always hasn’t been the entire group on the floor doing the right thing at the same time.

How tough is it to establish a defensive culture?
Well, the toughest thing about, you know, you can, y–defense, and I think, we are better on the defensive end. We’re, you know, early on, we’re hanging in ball games and we’re able to make shots.

But as your offense struggle, your defense, you know, tend to struggle a little bit more ’cause you have possessions on the defensive end. So, where we work to get better™ on the defensive end, our offense has to help that defensive process by being able to put the ball in the hole, and we haven’t been doing that of late.

What has your transition going from coaching a veteran team to a veteran-young guy mix to a young team been like?
Well, different. The talent level is different. The experience is certainly different. The knowledge of knowing what you getting ready to face is different.

The guys playing the role of, you know, now with Enes [Kanter] and Derrick [Favors] and Gordon [Hayward] and Alec [Burks] being on the floor a lot more minutes, playing primary roles instead of secondary roles, and how important for them to be sharp on every play is, and they’re learning that on the fly…

It’s a difficult situation for all of us to go through, but it’s a learning process for them.

Are you keeping a close eye on how players are handling adversity?
Oh, absolutely. I mean, that’s where we are…How do they fight back through tough situations? And we’ll continue to evaluate that, but you know, at the ma–at the same time, we wanna see progress. And we wanna see growth right now.

So it’s a animal that you look at from different perspectives. But we wanna make sure that while we’re getting lessons and we’re learning, that we’re seeing the results of it right now. (1280)

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