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Off-Day Odds and Ends

November 11, 2013

One. This is a few months old, but here are some bits of an interview with C.J. Miles in which he talks about his relationship with Jerry Sloan (H/T @dianaallen):

“He was hard on me,” Miles said. “It was for a reason. I’m glad he didn’t stop talking to me. If he had stopped talking to me, I might not be here.

“(He taught me) to come in every day and work. There are going to be days you don’t feel good. There’s going to be some pain, but come in and deal with it. To this day, I hate not being at practice. It really disappoints me. I feel I can help my team in some kind of way.” …

Miles said he sees similarities between Sloan and Cavs coach Byron Scott.

“Just the way they look at the game,” he said. “They take pride in being good defensive teams because they know that creates offense and easy baskets. When I was in Utah, we were a paint team. We ran a lot of post plays, made a lot of cuts to the basket. He wants to make the game as easy as possible.” …

“(Scott is) a little younger,” Miles said. “He relates to the younger guys. Coach Sloan was a funny guy. He was a great guy to be around. I loved him a lot. He was a great dude.”

Two. Speaking of Coach Sloan:

jimbo jerry tweet

(This was one of Jimmy’s rare serious tweets. I asked.)

Three. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be standing in front of Enes Kanter and have him lean in for a kiss? Well, now you no longer have to imagine it. This is what it’d actually be like (if anyone is wondering, the person Enes is leaning in on is David Locke):


Four. Karl Malone, hunting in a furry Jazz hat. All is as it should be (via @mamail32):

Five. A gif to end ALL gifs, posted by JuMu in a SLC Dunk game thread:


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  1. Diana permalink
    November 12, 2013 12:01 am

    1) I love how everyone says Coach Corbin is a players coach yet I don’t remember hearing that from the players. Quite the opposite with many players (who are no longer on the Jazz) But all former players say that about Sloan at how good he was at talking to them…

    2) I love Sloan’s honesty with Jimmy. Totally makes me smile.

    3) lucky blondes and brunettes.

    4) Karl Malone is the BEST. He didn’t lie about always having Jazz gear on :)

    5) That gif is the best gif ever!!! I am so glad you posted it. We need to make it a regular part of game threads and twitter.

  2. November 12, 2013 11:21 pm

    that Enes .gif made me cry.. ^_^


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