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Bits from Randy Rigby Interview, 11/7

November 8, 2013
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Big picture takeway on the first four games (0-4)
Well, I think the big picture takeaway right now is, is that, as we suspected, we have a young team.

They are working hard. They are learning. They’re growing each game. There’s some things that we wish we wouldn’t have to keep learning, unfortunately, but they are young…

This is part of the growing process, with a young team, that we knew we’d be going through. And so, I would say, overall, I’m, I am content with the growth and the progress that we’re making.

They’re playing hard. Our fan base is really enjoying it. We’re seeing some great basketball. A lot of high energy, and it’s been really quite fun even though the winning, the losing is not fun, but at least seeing the effort, I think, has been very rewarding.

At what point, if at all, do you become concerned about the toll losing takes on the team?
You know, we’ve warned these players we’re going into, I mean, this is a long road trip here. And you know, we went into it 0-3, and now we’ll go into four markets, and two of these games are back-to-back.

And so, what we’re telling our players is, focus on each game. Focus on what you’re doing to make this team better, and being the best that you can be. And if we’re doing those things, the wins and the losses, though more importantly the wins, will take care of themselves.

And so, I think our biggest concern is, is that we’ve got to get our players looking and having that kind of mindset, and that kind of attitude, of just be the best you can be. Work on improving your game. Work on improving what our coaching staff is teaching us. And then, you know what? Then the wins will take care of themselves.

On accountability regardless of individual stats
These young players, is literally, they’re getting a lot of playing time now to really, and they’re playing the best of the best. I mean, you, they started against five All-Stars last night [in Brooklyn]…

These players, they need to recognize those things and see what these other players are doing, learn from who they’re up against as well, and see what they’re doing, and hopefully learn how they can incorporate that and learn how they can stop what they’re doing for the future…

Until you recognize that you need to improve, until you recognize what you’re doing wrong, that’s at least the first step to actually making the improvements.

Despite the losses, the Jazz have acquitted themselves with their effort and intensity on defense.
We really do [feel good about that]. I’ve been very impressed with the drills, with the work, the implementation of the plans that our coaching staff have had for really stepping up our defense.

And I’ve been very happy with the responsiveness of our players to actually embrace it, and be working on it…That’s what [Tyrone Corbin] is trying to teach these young players, is you know what? You’re working hard. You’re paying the price. Don’t do the stupid things.

Praise for Tyrone Corbin
What I like about coach Corbin, he is a teacher. He recognizes he’s got a lot of young players that are learning this game of the NBA, which is a lot different in a lot of ways than the collegiate game. And he, so he’s teaching. But there’s also times that he’s a motivator.

Wednesday, sorry, Saturday night, when we lost that game [to the Houston Rockets], he, it hurt. It really hurt him. And as he said to the players, this one should’ve hurt you as well. Because that game was also one that was in the taking for us if we would’ve exerci–sorry, executed properly in the second half of our offense.

And we didn’t. And we need to, and when you’ve worked that hard the first half to have a lead, and not do the right things the second half, it should hurt. And so, he’s constantly teaching. But I’ll tell ya, at the same time, when the moments are there and we haven’t capitalized on them, he is very much a disciplinarian, to also say, “Guys, get your act together.” (1280)

After Rigby hangs up
Spencer Checketts talks about how bad the Celtics (0-4) are, how Brad Stevens slows the ball down a lot, how they’re the second worst team in the league in points scored, how they’re horrible at distributing, horrible at rebounding, etc.

“First team to 60 tonight gets the win,” says Checketts. “I guess that’s what happens when you start Victor Faverani* as your center.”

For the record, the Celtics were the first to reach 60 points, which they did at 8:49 in the third quarter on a Kelly Olynyk free throw. The Jazz had scored 37 points at that point. It took the Jazz until 1:25 left in the third to get to 60 on a Derrick Favors free throw. The Celtics had 81 points at that point.

* People calling Vitor Faverani “Victor”: Spencer Checketts

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