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Game 4 of 82: Utah Jazz at Brooklyn Nets (0-4)

November 6, 2013

Did the Jazz almost win? Nope.

In fact, this was probably the closest thing to a Jazz highlight there was:


That, or getting to see the rare footage of Matt Harpring bopping to the beat:


Brandon Rush did check into a game for the first time in over one year, and make his Jazz debut during this game for what that’s worth:

rush knee brace

Shootaround Quotage
** Zach Lowe had an “unpleasant interaction” with Tyrone Corbin at shootaround today:

Here’s what happened with Ty Corbin. I asked him, that I, I said I watched your team the other night in Houston. It seemed like, you know, I asked him a question about their pick-and-roll defense. Basically, it seemed like Derrick Favors and [Enes] Kanter were coming out pretty far on pick and rolls, and is that their strategy every night? Are they gonna change it by opponent?

And he looked at me, he’s like, “What, you ask me to tell you our scouting report? What, are you, what are you crazy?”

And I said, “Well, some coaches are willing to talk X’s and O’s with me.”

And he, then he just said, “Well, why don’t you talk to those other coaches then? Don’t talk to me.”

I said “Okay, see you later coach!”

It did not go well for me and Ty Corbin today. It was, it did not go well.

Here’s @JazzBasketball1’s take on it. As noted by JBB, it’s too bad that “questions” like “Well, you guys lost but you played hard” or “Tough loss but you never stopped fighting” or “What are the positives you take from this loss?” will have to suffice.

These may or may not be Ty’s reactions to seeing Zach Lowe in the arena during the game:


Post-Game Quotage
** Tyrone Corbin: You know, it, losing hurts. It should hurt, you know? It’s four losses for us, out of the first four games. But you know what? Nobody’s gonna feel sorry for us. We gotta come out fighting and keep working and try and get better™ and win a game.
** Gordon Hayward: I think we had moments where we are, you know, we had bright spots during the game. And too many times, though, lack of execution. I think, lack of intensity. And you know, especially against a team like, a veteran team like the Nets, I mean, they’ve been in this league, and you know, they’ll bury you. So, that’s what they did to us tonight.
** Brandon Rush on how it felt to be out there: It felt great out there. I know I gotta shake out the rust. Got a little nervous a little bit, and couldn’t catch the ball…[but] it felt great.
** Deron Williams:

dwill post

** Kevin Garnett, trolling or complimentary? Utah’s well-coached, with players that play really hard, that are NBA players.

stealth mock

Random Stuff, etc.
** Masha Kirilenko and AK’s boy were sitting courtside by the scorer’s table:


During the game, she posted a sideline video on Instagram with this caption:

Brooklyn Nets against my beloved Utah!! Jazz is in my heart forever. It’s unbelievable how grateful I am for those 10 years of my life #utahjazz#brooklynnets#nba#ak47

** Jerry Sloan was on the front page of ESPN during the game:

jerry espn

** LOL at this infographic thoughtfully provided by Root Sports:

no star

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Boler: Hayward with a nice spurt.
** Boler on Rush: He had to grab his shorts for a minute.
** Boler: Oh Gobert. So long. Grabs it.
** Harpring: This is the first time I’ve seen Favors manhandled.
** Boler on Favors: Blatche gives him an elbow, and down he goes.

sad trey

** Boler: How big a difference do you think Trey Burke will make when healthy?
Harpring: With that shirt [pictured above]? Or without the shirt?
Boler: How ’bout without it?
Harpring: A huge, huge difference. There’s no question that the Jazz need him back in a big way.
** Harpring: Kanter and Favors, they’re gonna be a little bit tired, banging against Brook Lopez. When you bang, it’s a different type of style of game. You get really tired. Your legs, you get fatigued quickly, when you gotta be banging all night long. (H/T @bjcseven)
** Corbin on Brook Lopez: I thought he got deep on us. We didn’t move him off the spot.

To close: Towards the end of the broadcast, Matt Harpring talked about this one time at band camp in Philly when he was forced to wear a headband because the rest of the team was. Here’s a pic (first posted right here three years ago):

harpring headband

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