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Bits from Dennis Lindsey Interview, 11/1

November 4, 2013
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On Gordon Hayward’s extension (or lack of)
We’re very confident in Gordon, and you know, again, it was a credit to Kevin O’Connor’s draft, and Coach [Jerry] Sloan and Coach [Phil] Johnson, Coach [Tyrone] Corbin, their acumen in developing, helping Gordon develop to this point, that we’re very confident that he will be at peace this season and play well. …

[Gordon] sees himself as a member of the community, and the Jazz. And again, it’s a testament to Kevin O’Connor and the staff that, you know, I inherited a group of guys of sound character, of payroll, that is very flexible, and a young group of talented players. And we just gotta go through the process and see this through.

But you know, Gordon will be the first to attest, you know, he’s part of a group. And at the end of the day, the results of the group always is the greatest factor in all this. And you know, again, you know, he won’t be a distraction. He will give us a great effort. We’ll have a very motivated player, and again, we look forward to getting to July to start the talks again.

The Jazz are NOT tanking!
We didn’t do what we did this summer to lose ball games. In the picks that we accumulated, and the flexibility that we have, we can take veteran players, if this young core shows what it takes to be a contender, or the beginning stages of a contender, I should say. So we’re gonna go at this with a pure heart…

Again, the, what we did this summer with letting some of our veterans walk, it was in anticipation of striking deals, of having to match offer sheets. Not with just Gordon, you know. We have Enes [Kanter] and Alec [Burks] coming up in the future. And, before you know it, you know, Trey [Burke] and Rudy [Gobert] will be here as well.

** People calling Rudy Gobert “Gorbert”: Dennis Lindsey.

On offensive struggles
That’s going to be a big theme for us this year, is, you know, when we have problems executing offense, are we going to let go of the rope, or are we going to trust Ty and execute even harder?

You know, because we don’t have that dominant scorer like Kevin Durant. You know, when we have the lulls in scoring, are we going to emotionally let go of the rope? When we’re playing defense, are we going to fight through it much like, you know, Chicago did last year absent Derrick Rose?

So I think the first marker, you always wanna get a win. We’re not going to overstate a loss, but I think the first marker was, is that we competed hard. We just gotta compete smarter by not fouling as much.

And I think if we can get good shots even though we might not make, but just don’t turn it over where the other team’s playing downhill at us on numbers on a fast break, I think that could help a lot.

Can the Jazz play good defense without fouling so much?
We hope so. You know, for a couple of years there, we were 30th [in the league in fouls] and 29[th] was a, you know, a good ways away from us. And then last year, we moved it to 24th.

And you know, there’s different philosophies, and clearly, with the way Coach Sloan played the game, that he was rough, and he was a man, and you know, he strapped it on last night, or every night,* and you know, that’s Jazz DNA. And we don’t want to lose that…

And does a prospect have enough of that to be part of our group? And I feel like to keep the integrity, that’s real important. But what you find out is, is a lot of times the guys with physicality but yet play with great discipline, they’re the least foul-prone. And really, we want to move Derrick [Favors] to, you know, where Tim Duncan is…

You know, I’ve visited with Ty a bunch. Again, we weren’t 30th last year; we were 24th. But to be more efficient, you know, we can’t keep put people at the free throw line. (1280)

* UDQM Alert! “[H]e was rough, and he was a man, and you know, he strapped it on last night, or every night.”

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