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Game 3 of 82: Utah Jazz vs. Houston Rockets (0-3)

November 3, 2013

ty-stompTyrone Corbin was feeling a lil stompy on the sideline.

The good: The Jazz didn’t lose by 50.

The bad: The Jazz currently have the worst record in the league (0-3) and are off to their worst start in 34 years (according to

The ugly: One assist in the second half. ONE.

** Tyrone Corbin, post-game
They played with more energy. You know, we gotta get better™. We a young group. We should be en–we should have more energy. You know, so we, we’ll go back to work. And it’s been frustrating learning lessons over and over and over again, but you know, that’s where we are. So, we’ll keep working, and hopefully we’ll continue to get better™.
** Corbin on the young guys
With the young guys, it’s, you know, they have to, you, they think they’re getting it done, and it’s just, you know, it’s at a different pace. And it seemed that way in the second half.
** Corbin’s assessment of the lineup change (Jamaal Tinsley for John Lucas III)
I thought it went well for us. In the first half, I thought Jamaal came in and did a good job for us, getting us organized, getting us where we wanted to go. And Lucas came in behind that, and created the pace and carried the second group.
** Corbin on Gordon Hayward
We have young guys that’s trying to carry the load for us…Teams focus on him, so he got a body on him most of the time, so it’s a learning thing for him, to learn the kind of shape that he has to be in to handle that. And he’s getting better™. He’ll get, he’ll continue to get better™ at it.

** Richard Jefferson, post-game
We take Oklahoma City down to a shot. We take Phoenix on the road down to a shot. You know, we had this team down 16, and we’re tied going into the fourth quarter. Even, you know, last three, four minutes, it’s a dogfight. There’s nothing that we need to do. We just need to continue to battle and continue to get better in the last, you know, five minutes of the game, last six minutes of the game, and then throughout different stretches.
** Jefferson on young teams
When you’re a young team, you’re going to, you know, you’re going to struggle. That’s why, you know, the best teams in this league out-execute you in the last six minutes…They know how to get good buckets. They know how, they know who they want to get the ball. They know who’s gonna take those shots. And they have good floor plans. They don’t give up things, and they don’t turn the ball over…Coach does a great job of putting us in a position to win. You know, we just have to have, we just have to continue trying to execute better.
** John Lucas III, post-game
We’re a young team, and…we gotta build from how we played in the first half, we gotta translate that over to the second half. And that’s not gonna take no time. We should watch film. We gon watch film. Coach Ty is going to go back to the drawing board like he always do. Each and every game we getting better and better.
** Lucas III, optimism
It’s all gon fall into place, and when it does, we gonna shock the world.

** Enes Kanter on the difference between his first and second halves
I don’t know. I have no idea.
Were you tired?
No, I didn’t feel tired. I was fine, but I have no idea.
Did they change what they were doing to you?
No, you know, they went with the same lineup, and everything. I don’t know. I just didn’t, I just couldn’t figure it out. I don’t know what it was.
** Gordon Hayward on fatigue
You really shouldn’t [feel fatigue]. You know, we’re professional basketball players. So, we can’t get tired. This is our job, so whatever we have to do to keep ourselves ready, keep ourselves, you know, at our best, for the games, we gotta do that.
** Hayward on the second half
For whatever reason, though, we came out flat, and you know, they made us pay. … I think that was just lack of energy. I don’t know what the deal was. So, we gotta figure it out, whatever it is.
** Hayward on closing games
We’re right there. We just gotta be able to, like I said, figure out that, whatever it is, that’ll help us push over that edge, and get the w[in].

Fashion Corner
A look at Trey Burke and Jeremy Evans’ respective sideline styles:

jeremy trey

Random Stuff, etc.
** People calling Alec Burks “Alex”: Thurl Bailey
** People calling James Harden “The Bearded One”: Tyrone Corbin
** Fantastic Trivia/Conversation/Anecdote of the Night:

Matt Harpring: You know, towards the end of my career, I started wearing–this is gonna sound a little different, but–hip pads. A little pair of pads on the side of your hips just for falls like that. Because when they fall, that’s a couple days, three, four days, where that really pains you. And then when I went to the hip pads, I was back within the next play without any pain.

Steve Brown: Well, you got bone to floor. There’s no padding there at all.

Harpring: Absolutely.

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Matt Harpring: They want to pull out Howard.
** Steve Brown: Tinsley gave it up to Burks, Burks couldn’t find the handle.
** Sidney Lowe on Dwight Howard: The plan is to bang him. Make it tough for him, not allowing him to get too deep. (H/T @TheJerrbear1, @GrantTBS, @todmanmike)
** Brown: I would imagine that a Kevin McHale tongue-lashing is not a pleasant thing. (H/T @jwinskowski and @bjcseven, who attributes the UDQM to “Captain Terrible”)
** Harpring on Hayward: So many players underestimate his length. (H/T Lou Allen)
** Lucas on coming off the bench: Whatever the coach decide, I’m 100 percent in. I’m two feet in. I’m not one foot in, one foot out. I’m two feet in with this, with the organization, with the team, with the coaching staff, and everybody. Whatever coach wants, I’m gonna go out there and do. If he want me to go out there and play three minutes, Imma go out there and play the hardest three minutes I can.

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