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Game 2 of 82: Utah Jazz at Phoenix Suns (0-2)

November 2, 2013

Did the Jazz almost win? Yes!

Alec Burks in particular was really excited when Gordon Hayward’s second-to-last 3-point attempt went in.

excited burks

It didn’t go so well for the Jazz after that. Congrats to Jeff Hornacek on an undefeated season so far. :)


Flashback — Randy Rigby said the following on Oct. 16:

Ty really, on Saturday night, after that loss, when a number of our players went over and kind of greeted the Clippers, we were extremely bothered by that. Not as a sportsmanship standpoint, but simply they, that team just handed it to our players. And for our players to walk over and act glad-handed and act like nothing had happened, was a mistake. And we wanted to send that message and teach them really quickly, that’s not how the mindset we should have.

I guess this doesn’t apply to coaches (above) and executives (below) ha.

randy horny

Practice Quotage (10/31)
** Tyrone Corbin on what he’s seen from the Suns
They’re speeding the game up. They play small a lot. So, we have to adjust some lineups. And being shorthanded, puts a little bit more of a damper on where we are, with our bigs, and being able to match up to where they are. We gotta make sure we understand the personnel for them on the floor, and how we have to defend them, and how we have to change.
** Corbin on whether he’s talked to Jeff Hornacek since his departure
We, we’s, talk. Text. And he’s doing well.
** Corbin on Mike Harris
He’s worked his tail off to get an opportunity, and it was great to see a guy like him, man, come in and get, get a, an opportunity against a guy like Kevin [Durant], and maximize the opportunity. He just, you just root for guys like that, and for them to make the most of the moment, was great.
** Corbin on Alec Burks
He’s gonna play minutes, and he may start for us sometime, sometimes during the course of the season. But, he’s gonna play, and that’s the main thing. I had to try and get him to understand that, you know, you deserve to start. You play like you should be a starter, and you should wanna start. But for where we are right now, you know, the best thing may be for you to come off the bench.
** Trey Burke on his rehab
Just continuing to go to therapy. I’m going to therapy about three or four times a week, and you know, just getting my movement back, and continuing to ice it as well. You know, I sleep with the splint on, and when I’m doing my conditioning and working out, you know, on the treadmill and things like that, I still have my splint on. So right now, I’m just tryna, you know, continue to, you know, get the strength back, you know? It’s almost there. I’m almost in a full fist.* So you know, I’m just gonna continue to work on it.
** John Lucas III on turnovers in the Thunder game
You know, 22 turnovers, hard to win games when you have that many turnovers. And you know, that’s something we’re gonna work on. A lot of it was due t–who knows what it was due to, but we gotta take care of the ball. Myself, I had a crucial turnover at the, in the fourth quarter with the travel. You know, that was crazy. I usually don’t make mistakes like that. But you know, that turnover, then all the other turnovers, it always leads to fast-point breaks.*
* Not a typo.
** Lucas on Mike Harris
I’m proud of Mike, you know? He’s been through the same journey I’ve been through. We played together in China, on the same team in Shanghai. And just seeing him come in and establish himself in this league as an NBA player, you know, it, that’s huge. That’s big.

zanik lindseyDennis Lindsey and Justin Zanik were in attendance at the game.

Gordon Hayward No Extension Quotage

hayward extension

Pre-Game Quotage (10/31)
** Jeff Hornacek: Phoenix has always been an organization where they’ve been flying up and down, get up and down the court. Defense wasn’t really a high priority. You know, they played defense, but we came into this this year saying, “I want to play the, you know, Jerry-Sloan-be-tough-be-physical [type defense].” We have a defensive guy we brought in from Boston that is great at teaching these guys. And you know, we feel that’s our first focus. The offense will come as time goes on, but we’re really trying to establish some defensive principles here. (KALL)

jerry horny

JazzFanatical Injury Report


Post-Game Quotage
** Tyrone Corbin: Every loss stings. And you can talk about effort, and growing, but you wanna have some success in it. And you know, it’s, tonight I thought our effort was good enough to, if we didn’t make a few mistakes, we could win the ball game.
** Derrick Favors: It was tough, but you know, we came out, played hard, but you know, we gotta hope we can the next game.
** Gordon Hayward: We gotta be able to execute offensively down the stretch. And too many turnovers, too many, not necessarily bad shots, but they weren’t good shots. And that’s on us to execute our offense better, and you know, make sure down towards the end of the fourth quarter we’re getting good looks. ‘Cause we just, we didn’t get that tonight.
** Hayward on the Jazz’s turnovers: It’s definitely fixable. I think it’s just running through our offense a lot more crisp, a lot sharper. You know, that stems from the way we practice and we gotta be better in practice and sharper in practice. (1280)
** Rudy Gobert:

gobert tweet

Random Stuff, etc.
** Rookie hazing alive and well in Phoenix:


** People still calling Richard Jefferson a center: Root Sports (H/T @Dymecoar)

rj c

** Ian Clark should stop taking cues from Enes Kanter in some instances, this being one of them:

clark mouthpiece

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** H/T @UofUJazz:

hangin with horny

** Harpring: That’s Hornacek’s style; the faster the better.
** Boler on the Coors Light stat box: That’s cold and hard and it’s a fact. Harpring: That’s not cold and hard. That’s warm and fuzzy.
** Boler on Mike Harris: He’s got that combo package.
** Harpring on Harris: He enjoyed getting into Durant and making him frustrated.
** Harpring on Favors: 43 minutes. I don’t think he can sustain that.
** Boler on Goran Dragic’s collision with PJ Tucker: Oh my. That’s dangerous, as both players went up high. Dragic took a wicked spill on his shoulder…I tell ya, Matty, it happened so fast…He popped up for a moment and then went right back down.
** Boler: Hayward rides the back of Bledsoe.
** Harpring: Coach Corbin putting in length now.

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  1. modernagejazz permalink
    November 2, 2013 10:15 pm

    Tha last shot was so “Mo over Danny Green”. But I can’t really blame G, cause there’s no doubt Mo is a way better shooter than Bledsoe.


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