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Bits from Randy Rigby Interview, 10/30

November 1, 2013
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Do the Jazz feel like they have something to prove?
I’ll tell ya, our players, our coaching staff is taking literally every game, one at a time. And they feel they do have something to prove. And they’ve been working hard.

I think last night was a classic example. We watched the Lakers and the Clippers last night, and you could take that assumption, with, “Oh, they don’t have Kobe Bryant.” You know?

They’re, they’ve got a lot of new young faces, but we’ve got new young faces, and I think they’re wanting to prove how good they are, and they’ve worked hard, and I’m excited to see how they come out and perform.

What are you seeing in practice?
I’ll tell ya what I’ve seen in practice. I really liked what I’m seeing with our coaching staff in our defensive toughness. We’re seeing the improvements that we wanted to see. Is it where we totally wanna be? I, that’s to be determined still. But I do like the direction that we’re going.

I’ve liked the intensity. I’ve liked, as well, at practice, coach Corbin and our coaching staff has added a lot more diversity as well to it. It, we’ve stepped up to, in, I think, the richness and the quality of our practices. And I think that’s been needed…

I’m really liking what I’m seeing with, really, our practices in being a lot more in-depth, a lot more rich.

Will we see more fast-breaking this year?
You know, I, the thing I think you’ll see tonight with us, is, I think we’re picking up the intensity of our play. I don’t wanna necessarily say you’ll see fast-breaking. I think the one thing Ty constantly says is, let’s take what the game gives us. And I think we’re gonna play it accordingly.

On Gordon Hayward
Gordon has always been, as a player, that offensive-minded player. And when we’re looking at, to him to count on, having that kind of offensive toughness that he’s gonna bring to us, of a go-to kind of player.

When you now have a Paul Millsap and an Al Jefferson out of your lineup, you gotta replace those points with a player. And we think Gordon has that ability.

On Enes Kanter
I think “control” is one of the terms that I know our coaching staff is constantly trying to work with Enes on, is, again, controlling his offensive style, to fit into our game plan.

** People calling Shane Battier “Sean, you know, even Battier”: Randy Rigby

On Derrick Favors
I think Derrick is working on some of his offense, and some of our spacing is going to help both of those two players play off of one another, I think, which will also help us.

But speaking to Derrick, I’ll tell ya, his presence that I think is developing, you know, as a defensive threat, in, and presence, in this league, is, I think, is, I’m impressed with how that’s growing.

On the “white noise” of outside commentary and available information
I think coaches also start learning, really, what voices they can respect, and have credibility, and what voices are just white noise and chatter. Voices that wanna have credibility, but liter–really do not have it.

And I think coaches are very, these men have been in this business for a long time. And I think they’ve learned where they can look to and listen to and respect certain voices and comments and opinions, and those that they just have to say, “You know what? They’re just being chatter.” …

Those in the know have a real respect, for the Jazz culture, the Jazz style, the pr–the steps that we’ve taken to be where we’re at today, the steps that we’re taking in really building and developing this team.

And I think they really have a true respect of this team is a team that’s going to be continuing improving, and gonna be a threat for the future. And haven’t been a, and we don’t do mistakes. I think the people say, this team’s a, they’re pretenders. They’re not legitimate. And I think they have that respect for coaching staff, front office and ownership. (1280)

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  1. Diana permalink
    November 1, 2013 2:27 pm

    “we don’t make mistakes”

    um okay.


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