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Bits from Practice, 10/28 and 10/29

October 31, 2013

Tyrone Corbin
** On how much of a challenge it is for Favors to become a more vocal leader
He’s a young guy, and you know, his role is different on this team with the guys we had before this year. So, as he has grown with this group of guys, he’s more comfortable with the group of guys. I don’t think it’s very difficult for him. He’s shown signs, already, that he’s more vocal. He’s talking more. He’s getting, and as he grow into the position more, I think he’ll be able to continue to get better™.
** On Brandon Rush
He had a test done. I haven’t seen the results of it yet. He was better. I mean, I hadn’t seen the complete result. I saw the number of where he’d gotten better. He did some stuff on the floor with us. He is continuing to get better™. And he was, he will be evaluated again yesterday, he was evaluated again yesterday, and he’s feeling pretty good.
** On where the team is now
The last couple years, we were a little bit ahead because of the guys we had on the roster. Now, with all the young guys, and the moving parts that we have, and guys being out, I think, you know, we’re almost at the beginning stages again. Because we don’t know, I don’t, you don’t know, what the young guys will do, from a night-to-night basis. So, but they have, do have experience, the last couple years of playing in the league, of playing in some role on this team.
** On whether Rudy Gobert can be the primary backup center
He’s progressing. I mean, he’s gotten better. He’s getting better™ every night out. So we’ll look at it.
** On whether he puts any pressure on himself
Absolutely. I want to make sure that these guys are ready. I’m giving ’em an idea, or trying to give ’em an idea, of what they’re getting ready to face, by going through tough practices, putting ’em through things to get ’em prepared for situations in games, and holding ’em accountable, and having ’em try to understand how they have to hold themselves accountable for what we’re trying to get done on the floor, and that little things matter. You know, taking a break, or not being in the right spot on the defensive end, or offensive end, how it costs you a possession, and we wanna make sure that we holding the guys accountable for all the little things they need to get better™ at, so we have a chance to be good.

Gordon Hayward
** On his contract extension
I would love to be in Utah if that’s, you know, where that, where, what happens. And hopefully it will, but I just, I, you know, I hire an agent to work those things out for me so I don’t have to think about it.

Enes Kanter
** On pre-season rankings
People can say whatever they want, and people can rank the [Jazz] 30 out of them. Like, we don’t really care. I mean, they don’t, people, all they can do just talk. And what we gonna do, ju–we just gonna go out there and just show them that they’re wrong if they’re talking about bad. Then, if they’re talking about good, then we gonna show them that they’re right.
** On whether the team has talked about said rankings
We talk about each other, I mean, each other in every practice, and how good we are, and how talented we are, that we can beat every team. Doesn’t matter who we play against.
** On his personal goals
I just want to sh–prove people that they’re wrong. That’s my personal goal. You know, help my teammates to get better. And, because that’s what Big Al [Jefferson] did for me the last two years, and now that’s what I’m gonna do, try to help my teammates, and you know, try to help them on the court, off the court.

Brandon Rush
** On his role
I’ve been a sixth man my whole career, so that’s what I’m striving to be.

John Lucas III
** On whether he prefers to start
It’s no difference with me. I just go out and play the game of basketball. You know, if I start, that’s great, but if I don’t start, that’s great too. You know, I’m just gonna go out here and play how I’ve been playing all preseason. Getting eerybody involved and making sure I’m knocking down open shots and you know, running the team. Limiting my turnovers, and just playing basketball like I’ve been playing this whole time.
** On pre-season rankings
We don’t have any big time superstars like some of the teams do, but we have stars on our team. And we have players who can play, who have proven themselves in this league. Years…So we looking at it like, we competing with the top teams too. I mean, we in the west, which is one of the toughest conferences to be in, and we been right there with teams in all of pre-season that’s the head of the Western Conference.

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