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Bits from Interviews Following Derrick Favors Extension Press Conference

October 29, 2013
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Derrick Favors
** Some people say you’re a really nice guy who doesn’t have that angry chip on your shoulder…
I’m not that nice of a guy, man. But you know, this season, it’ll be more of that ’cause I feel like I have a chip on my shoulder this year [because of] how people get when you get the contract. You know how, you know, fans get, and you know, critics, and everybody get about that. So I got a chip on my shoulder this year.

** How will your game mesh with Enes Kanter’s game?
I think they’ll mesh well, because you know, Enes a, he’s a good offensive post player. You know, he can get a l–he can do a lot of stuff on the court offensively, and you know, I’m more of a defensive guy. I think our games be able to mesh pretty good.

** Are you planning on talking to Gordon Hayward about his extension?
I try to stay out of the situation with him. You know, I think it’s up to him to do what he need to do, but you know, I just try to stay out of that. You know, we just, when we talk, we just talk basketball or hanging out.

Dennis Lindsey
** On Favors needing to be more vocal
It’s not in his nature. We’re going to, look, I mean, the Millers made a huge commitment here, and we’re gonna ask him to get uncomfortable. And “uncomfortable” could be, you know, running a lot and hard in altitude to be in great condition over these five years of the contract. Being uncomfortable is, is “Hey Derrick”–Derrick’s a really smart player, but he has to verbalize more. He just can’t say, “Hey, you know, follow my lead.”

A lot of what happens in NBA basketball, many time the perimeter players are blind to what’s coming up behind, so, we talked about trust a little bit earlier. And to get your guards to trust you, you gotta let ’em know what’s coming from their blind side. And so Derrick has to take a big responsibility of that, and really has to own becoming more verbal, especially defensively.

** Does the 24-point, 17-rebound preseason game show what Favors is capable of?
Yeah, we’ll, I think we’ll see that periodically. And again, we should be evaluating Derrick Favors, you know, at Georgia Tech this year, in his senior year, right? So, but, I think there are clearly some things that Derrick worked on over the summer.

There’s some roles that fit him very well right now, like him screening, rolling into space and finishing, is already a great strength. And, so, we hope to, you know, capitalize on some of that with strategy. But clearly development’s a big piece, and I think we’ll continue to see signs of a developing offensive game.

** Gail Miller wants Derrick Favors
I got the message from Gail. It was real simple. “I want guys who can guard.” Right? She’s like, “I like Derrick. I want more of him.”

Greg Miller
** On the possibility of a losing season ahead
Chances are that we will have some tough, some challenging periods this season. But that’s what builds character, and that’s how we learn. That’s how we grow. And to me, it’s the recovery that counts. We’re all gonna make mistakes. It’s how we respond to those mistakes.

The lessons we learn from those mistakes and our ability to execute what we learn going forward that really matters. And if we can do that with these young guys, if the young guys can do that, then I’m okay.

I’m okay going through the pain as long as we get better and make new mistakes next time around, and then learn from those, and continue to move onward and upward.

What’s the timetable for this?
I mean, I wanna win now. I don’t want to put undue pressure on anybody, whether it’s the players or the coaches, but we got a lot invested here.

** More thoughts on losing
If our guys give everything they have every night, and they hold their head high, and as I said, give it their best shot, and they lose, I’m okay with that. I hate losing, but the only thing worse than losing is losing without giving your best effort. As long as we give our best effort, that’s all I can ask of these guys. Eventually, we will be on the road to a championship if we continue to give our best effort every single night. (KALL, 1280)

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