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Bits from Derrick Favors Extension Press Conference

October 29, 2013
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presser favorsPhoto via @DJJazzyJody


Greg Miller
(to Derrick Favors) I see you as a cornerstone of our organization as we pursue an NBA championship, and I’m thrilled that you’re with us. And with that, I’m going to turn the time over to Steve Miller.

Steve Miller
With his talent and his leadership, we believe that our future is very bright. So Derrick, welcome to the Jazz, and we’re very grateful that you’re gonna be a long-term solution here for us.

Dennis Lindsey
We have to thank Ty for his support to grow Derrick to this point, where he deserves this contract. And he’ll continue to get better from this point. We’ve talked a lot about Derrick’s defensive capabilities, the rebounding, the finishing. And he’s just 22.

So we feel really good about who he is as a player, but we feel even better about Derrick as a person.

Tyrone Corbin
He has a lot of work left to be done, but we’re extremely excited about the player that he has become so far. We look forward to him continuing to be one of the key players for us, and he has demonstrated how he will continue to work, to understand how he has to get better™, how he have to work to get better™, and how the guys will follow him.

Derrick Favors
First off, I want to thank the Miller family for making the commitment. I just want to thank you. You know, I can’t say it enough, man. I just want to thank you for this contract, and you know, just believing in me.

I want to thank Dennis, for getting the job done with my agent. You know, I told Wallace [Prather], you know, I wanted to stay in Utah for, you know, however many years, it don’t matter, but you know, I want to stay in Utah. I’m happy being here…

And I also want to thank Ty. You know, coach Corbin, you know, for staying on me, you know, since my rookie year. You know, just telling me to keep working and just, you know, staying on me the whole time and making me work for everything, making me earn everything. …

I also want to thank my mom too, ’cause she played a big part in this too. She told me, she love Utah, man. She hope I stay here, so you know, I want to thank her for saying that.

favors lindsey

** What does your mom love about Utah?
Favors: You know, it’s just peaceful and quiet out here. You know, we, we’re southerners, so you know, she like that and she just like the atmosphere in Utah and how the people are. You know, she told me, she like, “Derrick, I hope you stay in Utah.”

Lindsey: I asked Kevin O’Connor when I first got here about Derrick’s mom, and we got one directive: “Take care of my baby.”

** On his journey from getting traded to now
Favors: That might’ve been the second time I ever been nervous in my life, when I got traded to Utah. We was in Indiana. You know, at that point, I was just ready for the season to be over with. You know, I was just ready to go home and just clear my head, just get away from it and just start fresh the next season.

But I mean, going through that whole trade rumor, then getting traded, I mean, it was a lot. And I was, what, like, 18, 19 at the time? So I didn’t know what to expect. I had to figure out how I’m gonna get all my stuff out of New Jersey back home, and it was just a lot of stuff. I was just ready to get it over with…To be at this point, man, I’m just happy, excited. You know, I’m just excited.

What was the first time you were nervous?
Favors: Draft night. I didn’t know where I was gonna get drafted, so that was the first time. And when I got traded, that was the second.

** When did Utah start feeling like home for you?
Probably around my second year here, when I, I think I got a apartment first, first time I got an apartment here. You know, it just started feeling like home. My mom came up. My whole family came up here. They spent, I think, maybe a week, a week and a half with me. You know, they enjoyed it here. Then, you know, I enjoyed it. So it just started feeling like home around the second year.

** What are your expectations for yourself in the next four years?
Favors: You know, just come out there, be a leader on the court. You know, try to lead this team to the playoffs and hopefully one day to a championship. Those are my expectations.

Corbin: Just for him to continue to grow, on both ends of the floor. I, you know, what numbers, and things that may end up being, I don’t know. But just that he continue to be, get better™. And he has demonstrated that thus far on both ends of the floor.

His offensive game will continue to grow…He’s working on his offensive game, but his defensive game is ahead of that now, and we expect that to continue to grow. So as he become better, our team will become better as a, on the defensive end, and offensively we’ll grow around him. (Utah Jazz>)

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