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Bits from Randy Rigby (10/16) and Dennis Lindsey Interviews (10/18)

October 20, 2013
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On Trey Burke’s surgery
We’re optimistic. One of the reasons that we’re happy to see us putting, them putting pins in his finger is that we feel that that does allow mobility and flexibility and also a better chance for it to heal and his progress to happen sooner than later.

What do you do to keep the group moving forward together?
I think one positive thing is, is that with some injuries, I think it requires you to more keep them back, and have to stay away from the team. I think this is an injury that he’ll be able to more likely than not be able to be with the team, more than not be with them.

So I think we’ll be able to do some rehabbing. I think he’s gonna be able to still run through some drills. Again, you’ll stay away from the hand and things, but it’ll be important to keep Trey with this team and keep that camaraderie.

With him being young, being early part of the season, having, being able to travel in some of the early times, I think that you’ll see that trying to happen so that we can keep that camaraderie.

Learning from the bench
There’s a lot that you can learn from a bench. John Stockton was a classic example, that he learned a lot in early in his career, from sitting at the bench and watching how the team progresses and then how they play.

So you know, we’ll take this occasion. We will not rest, during this time, and we’ll still be working on things with Trey to improve his game and help him.

What can you take from the first three pre-season games?
I was very pleased with our first game. I was pleased with the effort, and the hard work, and the performance that we had. And then we went up, I thought, played quite well up in Portland. Learned some things, lost, but again, I thought it was a good effort.

W–I thought Monday, sorry, Saturday night, was a tough loss for us. And I’ll tell ya, I was very pleased to see how Ty Corbin approached the team. And he got after ’em. And our practices have shown that this week.

And we, and they’re a young team, and I think Ty made it very clear, to our players, the effort that we expect, that our fans deserve, and we didn’t see that effort that we should’ve seen on Saturday night. So I’m expecting to see a much better effort tonight with this team. And I think there’s still a lot of growing things that we need to do, and, but we, we’re, still early.

Are you concerned about losses impeding development?
No. I think we’ve got the right coaching staff that, who is developing and, I, let me share an interesting story, to this point. Is that, yesterday, we had a very great meeting in the morning with the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce…

One of the questions that was approached, that was asked to Try, Ty Corbin, as he spoke to that group is, “Who is the team to beat in the NBA this year?” Ty Corbin’s comment is, “The Utah Jazz.”

And I really appreciate it. Now, we know the challenges that we do have in front of us as an organization. But I appre–at least appreciate the mentality of the coach.

On the Jazz’s loss of “closing identity”
Kevin [O’Connor] and myself, rest of management really, you know, put that on Ty and the coaches. Now, we’re hopeful that our defensive personnel will be better in some areas defensively than we were, you know, in previous seasons.

But when you lose the veteran scorers that we lost, most specifically Al [Jefferson] and Paul [Millsap], you know, that gave us an identity in the fourth quarter. And we’re absent that, and you know, the data showed that to us last year…

Someone like Al Jefferson can, you know, can clean up an offensive mistake here or there, ’cause, you know, he’s such a great creator on the block.

So I think it’s going to be a real challenge for our young guys, and my hope is, is that it’s not, you know, Nightmare on Elm Street with Freddy Krueger coming to kill us in the fourth quarter a whole bunch this year.

What are the team’s plans for Ian Clark?
It’s too soon, really, to say. You know, we love his ability to make open shots. We like his fight on defense. You know, he’s an undersized “two,” so you know, a few things with Ian:

He needs to organize well if he has the ball, to where we can get into our offense, and then, you know, allow him to cut through, sit on the second side and wait for the shot creators to create for him so he can make at a high clip.

And then, you know, we need him, if he is going to play some two-guard at his size, he needs to improve his physicality and really just go through the league and learn the league…

So really it’s nothing we can do, timeline-wise, other than just, you know, not try to skip the process, allow him to learn the league. And he’s Jazz-quality, you know, fiber, as a kid and as a competitor.

So we have hopes for him, but we’re not gonna, going to prematurely put timelines on it. We’re just going to go through the process and see where he’s at, and maybe he’ll get some minutes, and, you know, in the regular season; maybe he won’t. But we’re very confident in his character and in his work habit.

Thoughts on Lester Hudson and/or picking up another point guard?
So, you know, that’s what, I tell you what. Ty, he, he’s a, Ty’s, Ty, I guarantee you he’s a good poker player. Because he’s real, real steady with personnel. And you know, as, you know, not good news with Trey, and clearly, you know, the team kind of went off the tracks, you know, quickly against the Clippers.

And so, you coulda had a coach in my office very easily that would be overreacting, and this and that. And he said, “Hey, let’s roll with what we got.” …

One thing that we felt was, is Lester has great physical presence and length. And so, he got a couple steals, deflected a couple balls, blocked a shot. You know, you felt like, you know, there was a man out there guarding the point guard position.

So you know, we’ll see where it takes us. And you know, we won’t, again, place any expectations on him. We’ll just evaluate what is, and then, and what’s available to us and keep it open-ended for the time being. (1280)

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