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Mo Williams Talks Jerry Sloan

October 16, 2013
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Where did your edge come from?
Started when, you know, my rookie year. You know, I developed that edge, you know, that fire, you know, that was instilled in me with, you know, by Jerry Sloan. So something I just carried with me throughout my career.

Which coaches or players influenced you the most in making you the pro that you’ve become?
Yeah, it was Jerry Sloan. You know, I always give him a lot of credit for my development. You know, I came into this league, I was a second-round pick…

It humbled me, and I went to a perfect place in Utah, which instilled, you know, the type of player that I should be, and the type of player that I became my rookie year, that kept me in the league, you know, for 11 years now.

What did you get from Jerry Sloan?
The tenacity. I don’t back down from anybody. You know, my rookie year, he put me on guys like Kobe Bryant at his super-prime. And you know, he put confidence in me that I felt like I can guard him. Not only guard him, but stop him.

You know, that type of thing, you know, he put me in as a rookie. It carried over. Taught me how to play hard every possession.

You know, you come into this league and you go to the wrong team, and you get taught the wrong principles…Utah wasn’t one of those places. You know, it was right after the John Stockton-Karl Malone era, where he was, he had a young team, and we worked hard every single day. And he just taught me how to be a professional.

Can you impart the things you learned from Jerry Sloan?
I try to, you know, give the, you know, the [Damian Lillards], the CJ [McCollums], the Allen Crabbes, those guys, you know, some of the tools that I got when I was young, you know, and the experience I’ve learned through my 11 years, you know, to help them. …

I wish I had a guy, you know, a player, you know, that I played with veteran-wise when I was young, which I didn’t, but I was fortunate enough to play for Jerry Sloan, which was a blessing for me. (CSNNW)

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  1. October 16, 2013 11:18 pm

    Awesome find, great comments from Mo. I loved Mo Williams during his rookie year for the Jazz. Last season was a terrible combination of Al Jefferson, Ty Corbin and Mo Williams. I think at least two of those individuals could be a big part of a winning team, but certainly not when you put them all together.


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