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Bits from Practice, 10/15

October 16, 2013
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Tyrone Corbin
** What is Trey Burke’s frame of mind?
He was, you know, his spirits was good yesterday he was in, and you know, I don’t, he, I wouldn’t say excited. He just understand it have to be done. He, at this point, just wanna get it over with so he can get back to rehabbing and getting ready to move forward.
** What are you seeing from Scott Machado and Lester Hudson right now?
Scott is a point guard. He’s pushing the pace that we want. He’s getting more and more comfortable now that he know he’ll get more reps on the floor. And it’s a big opportunity for him, so I want him to continue to get the pace up, to organize the team, to get ’em in their sets, to make sure we’re getting the execution and the, at the pace that we’re looking to get.
[Corbin did not say anything about Hudson.]
** Can you see Alec Burks evolving into a primary backup point guard?
He can play the role. As a temporary fix? Yeah. Heck, last year we started him, you know, at the point for us a few games. So you know, he can play both positions. I, and I don’t have any problem with him playing there. It’s just not his position. His position’s a 2-man.
** John Lucas III has only started two NBA games in his career. Are you comfortable with that?
Absolutely. Absolutely. He’s, he knows what he’s getting ready to face. You know, he understand that if you start or come off the bench, he’ll be ready to go. And he’s been really good in practices. He’s been really good in the games for us. And he’s looking forward to his opportunity. You know, yesterday in practice I thought he was the one of the more energetic guys, more vocal guys that made the right plays for his team.
** What changes would you like to see from the last two games to the next game?
You know, the main thing is for us to execute and give a better effort than I thought we gave the other night. And it’s a learning process for a young team. Back-to-back; we traveled. But you can’t use any of those excuses.
** On Jamaal Tinsley
He knows the system. You know, he’s a older guy. We know who he is. He know how he play. He can, he know our young guys and how he can, who he can use at different p–times. And, so, he has, he has some interest.

Gordon Hayward
** What kind of point guard is John Lucas III?
Obviously, he can spread the floor and make shots. He’s proven that over his career, and so you know, it’ll be good for us to make sure we have a floor-spacer and somebody who can knock down jump shots.
** Three pre-season games in, what does the team need to work on?
Defensively, we need to get better. We showed times where we played really solid d[efense], and then other times where we just had breakdowns. And especially in transition, letting guys get behind us, and that’s just unacceptable.*
** How would you feel about Jamaal Tinsley re-signing with the team?
Whatever they decide to do upstairs is for the best interest of the team. So you know, I can’t really control any of that. But you know, he’s been on the team before, so it’d be good…He was great in the locker room, and had a lot of things he could teach everybody.

Scott Machado
** Do you feel like you’re ready to be a backup point guard in the NBA?
I do. I feel like going through the teams that I’ve been through, I feel like I’ve learned a lot. And I mean, from my mistakes as well. So I mean, I feel like it was a growing process and I feel like I can step in and do something like that.
** What are you strengths as a point guard?
I feel like I know how to lead a team. I know how to help teams get a good shot. And just be like a leader on the court, just be a floor general and try to run a team as good as possible.
** What can you do to make the team?
Doing stuff that other point guards are not doing, [like] picking up full court, try to be energy off the bench, and also set up my teammates. (KALL)

Trey Burke Injury Update
burke 1015

Also loved seeing this tweet from Jamaal Tinsley to Burke:

tinsley trey

(IIRC, Tinsley was the first Jazz player to welcome Burke to the Jazz after the draft.)

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