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Bits from Practice, 10/14

October 15, 2013

practice 1014From certain angles, John Lucas III looks so much like John Lucas II.

Tyrone Corbin
** On the Jazz’s plan going forward for the point guard position
We’re looking at the list of available guys now, guys that may be available down the road, and what gives us the best chance. We, in the short term, we may be able to bring somebody in off the short list. It’s not a lot of guys out there right now because everybody’s in camp or a couple guys that’s not in camp that are looking for maybe more than what we have to offer right now. … And you know, we’ve used Alec [Burks] at point guard before, so it may be an opportunity to get him some more minutes there right now, instead of waiting on that. And you know, just continue to move forward that way.
** What does it mean to have John Lucas III on the team?
Well, it’s, you know, it means even more now because, you know, Trey [Burke] will be off the floor for awhile. So he can help us on the floor, but then help him off the floor, by watching and talking to him, even more, now that he’s off the floor, and they can share conversations as to what each would see in a different situation. John doing it, and Trey watching.*
** On the last two games
I wanted to see us compete a little bit more, with a little bit more sense of urgency. And a young team have to learn that going through it.
** On cutting guys
You know, I’ve been in the position myself as a player, and you know, trying to make a team, and the anxiety as a player of, you know, you know it’s that time for somebody. At some point, it’s coming up, and you don’t wanna be the guy. So you try and put it out of your head as much as you can and just continue to play and not cut yourself. Not listen to the press, not listen to what guys are saying…Couple years into camp, they, you know, every year I came back, they had somebody replacing me. So you can’t get into that.

John Lucas III
** Do you feel pressure now that you’re the starting point guard?
No pressure at all. You know, I’ve been playing my whole entire life. And you know, come out and take every game like I go in with all the time, 100 percent, give 120. So I’m just gonna come in and do exactly what I’ve been doing. Getting everybody involved, I hope, keep knocking down shots, and you know, keep trying to wi–keep trying to get wins.
** On the last two pre-season games
These last two games, you know, we played against two good teams that was big in the West last year. And you know, the last two games was a challenge for us. A cha–A test. And you know, I feel like we was right there, for the most part. We, you know, just gotta execute the plays a little bit better.

Alec Burks
** On playing point guard
I feel like I’m in the same position I was last year. You know, Mo [Williams] went down, you know, had to play his role a little bit, but now I’m ready for it. I’m ready more now than I was last year [because of] the experience I got last year, you know, the teaching I got from Mo and Earl [Watson], ‘specially when I worked with [John] Stockton over the summer. So I feel like all that add up. I feel like I’m more ready right now.
** Did you work on point guard skills with Stockton?
Yeah. You know, just, I added more versatility to my game all summer. All summer, I was working on it a little bit. But you know, nothing’s more practice than, you know, the game, you know…[He told me to] just use my athleticism, you know? I’m taller than most point guards, so I should use that to my advantage, you know? And you know, just all the little things he used to use, he used to–he tried to teach me and Trey that when we was out there for a few days. It was good. (KALL, Utah Jazz)

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machine of the Day (UDQM)
John Lucas III: The holes close so quick, in the NBA, than it does in college. Like, you can get all the way to the hole, but now, sometime you have to shoot that mid-range or that floater. And you can’t get all the way in, ’cause then you’re too deep.

Trey Burke Injury Update

burke surgery

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