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Post-Game Bits, 10/8

October 10, 2013

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Tyrone Corbin
** On how the Jazz played
I thought for the most part we competed. Defensively, to hold this team to 32-percent field goal shooting, I thought was good. I thought, you know, everybody gave us something, that got in the game. So that was really encouraging. And the energy level, for the most part, was pretty good…For the most part, I thought the rotations was pretty good.
** On Alec Burks
I thought he did a good job, attacking. Patient, for the most part. He rushed a couple of ’em, but I think that, you know, he understand more the role that we may grow him into. I don’t know which way we’ll go with that just yet, but he gives us a punch off the bench ’cause he can put the ball in the hole.
Why is this unspecified role a nice role for him?
Well, we’ll see. You know, I don’t want to get ahead of us here a little bit. But I, you know, he’s a guy that can score in bunches and you know, if that’s through, that way we go with him, and it may change during the course of the year at times.
** What was the one question you got answered tonight?
How the guys will respond. If we’re ready. And I thought for the most part, they were ready to play against competition. And we’ve been beating each other up for the last week here, wondering whether we had enough stuff in. Are they ready for the challenge, of the expanded roles some of the young guys have to play? And for the most part, I’m pleased with where we are right now.
** What did you think of Trey Burke’s defensive effort tonight?
He slipped up a couple of times, but he, for the most part, he took the challenge of playing the guy.
** How much of improving defensively is building a collective mentality?
It takes some time, and it, you know, don’t just happen overnight. And I thought for the most part tonight, it was a good showing.

Trey Burke
** Do you like strapping it on and getting low? (UDQM)
Absolutely. I think that’s an area where, you know, I think I’m a little underrated at. I didn’t show it a lot in college but I think it’s definitely an area where I can continue to improve at. I think I can be a pesky type of guard on the ball. You know, I’m not, you know, guard try to post me up, you know, I know how to bang down there with ’em.
** On getting more comfortable
I’m getting more comfortable. You know, when my shot does come, I’m shooting it with more confidence. And you know, more importantly, I’m trying to learn to continue to become a better passer. You know, I, you know, that’s one thing John Stockton told me, was, you know, the better passer you are, the more open shots you gonna get; the more opportunities you’ll have. So, you know, I took that to heart, and you know, I’m trying to apply that to my game.

John Lucas III
** On the opportunity
You know, I just love to play the game. You know, every time I step on the court Imma give 110 percent. You know, I love the game of basketball, and when I’m out there, I feel like, you know, that’s my opportunity to show everybody what I can do, what I’m capable of doing. But also, I’m about winning. So I want to come in there with a lot of energy. I don’t want to ease in. I just want to put the metal to the pedal…pedal to the metal.
** What do you want to see this team do from the first to second pre-season game?
Just bring it every night. Just bring it every night. That’s all we, you know, our expectations is just to get better each and every day. Every time we step on that court, from practice to the games, is when we out there, give 120 percent and you know, leave everything on the court.

Gordon Hayward
** On Jeremy Evans
He showed that he can knock down jump shots, which I’ve been waiting for him to show that for the past three years. He’s been doing that in practice ever since he’s been here, but it was good for him to be aggressive a little bit, and kinda go out there and show everybody his game. … On the last play, where he didn’t even look at the basket, I told him, you better, next time you better look at the rim, especially if he’s hot, so. He did a great job, though, tonight. You know, I love the activity and the energy he brings.

Jeremy Evans
** What are some of the things you think you can improve on?
Of course, my ball-handling. Rebounding. And I really don’t want to have those turnovers, so.
** You’ve proven that you have some range.
Oh yeah, I can shoot it. I just have to shoot it. … The first shot, I missed. And on the second shot, I’m like, I’m not shooting this one just because I missed the last one. But I have to get, you know, mentally ready. And I heard the coach saying, “Shoot it.” Nobody was open. Fans saying, “Shoot it.” So why not shoot? (Utah Jazz, KALL, 1280)

Jeremy’s “Oops” Moment from last night:


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  1. Diana permalink
    October 10, 2013 11:55 pm

    hahahaha that Ty gif is too much!

  2. Diana permalink
    October 10, 2013 11:56 pm

    Ty sure likes to insult the youth in little subtle ways. Its weird to me that he always has to say something negative about them after the media tries to get him to praise them.

  3. Chisel McSue permalink
    October 11, 2013 2:43 am

    holy sh*t!!! Dat gif, i lol-ed like a mad person XD


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