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Bits from Karl Malone Interview (Sportsbeat Sunday), 10/6

October 8, 2013
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When is the next hunting trip?
Actually, November. To keep me from being late to the practices, I didn’t bring my camo or a gun or a bow. I left ’em home, so my focus would, was to come here everyday. And that, and I want to be early, you know? First day, it was tough and trying. But it’s amazing how it just came back.

late tweet

Why was it tough and trying?
I think number one, I think our big guys don’t know the severity of what’s in front of ’em, and how serious this is. I wuhn’t a happy camper, because I know what these guys gave me in the summer.

You know, now, my mind, my little peabrain is, if you gave it to me like that in the summertime, oh God, I can only imagine when it’s go time*…

I was disappointed, and I had a hard time expressing myself to ’em. I really did. And then, it’s amazing, they come back. They here early. They wanna do things. That’s rewarding to me.



Do you see a work ethic similar to the one you had?
Well you see it, but one of the first things is, let’s be respectful and be on time. Let’s be respectful and have your shirt in. Let’s be respectful, when you drink water, put your water bottle in the trash. Let’s start off there. If you got weight training, be here early.

You sound like Jerry Sloan.

It’s not a bad guy to sound — [Karl launches into Jerry impression. KSL responds accordingly with beeps.]

On the bigs
Enes [Kanter] is such a joy to work with, with the big guys. And he have a smile that’s awesome. But I still want you to work. And if I can’t reach you, we gonna do some sit-ups and push-ups–when I say “we,” them–until we can.

But you know what’s been amazing? As hard as they work, they seem like they embrace it.

push-upsWho else grinned at that little kick-out as Karl shot the ball?

Karl Malone is old school all the way
I touched one of my bigs today, body armor, whatever that is, was from his thigh to his neck. I said, “Son, what are you doing?” …

“I’m protecting myself.”

Well, who you protecting yourself [from]? There’s no snipers in this building. It’s me and you, man on man. Now, man up. “Go take that, hey, go take them nice garbs off, please sir.” That’s how I said it to him, if you buh-lee that.

No, get rid of all that. That’s all for show. If you hurt, see the trainer. Just play. Just play the game of basketball, over and over, and let’s see what happen. And so, those are things I said.

I played the game. If you came out there and you had a sleeve on your elbow, I’m not saying I’m gonna attack it. But you a wounded animal, and I gotta take a stab at it. Don’t announce it to the world.

I like what we have, but let’s just get rid of all that stuff. Let’s just play the game, and compete. And get along with your teammates. Encourage your teammates. That’s all. Shirttails in, let’s get after it. And it’s been fun. It really have. (KSL)

Finally, here’s an exclusive gif I guarantee you won’t find elsewhere. Phil Johnson working out on the stationary bike:


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  1. bebop permalink
    October 8, 2013 5:00 pm

    Who didn’t grin at that kick out? You’d have to be inhuman… or a Laker fan.


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