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Bits from the Public Scrimmage and Rookie Dance-off

October 6, 2013

Rookie Dance-off
Sadly Rudy Gobert eschewed Jazz big man rookie tradition and did not do the worm:




RIP Fun Enes. (For the record, I would’ve forgiven Enes for not dancing if he had dunked with one hand behind his head.)


Full video:


Jerry Sloan and Karl Malone sat together at the scrimmage (via @DJJazzyJody):


Post-Scrimmage Quotage
Tyrone Corbin
** On Enes Kanter
He’s been working his butt off…Once he’s gotten on the floor [since being cleared], he’s worked himself back into basketball shape. You saw tonight, when he get that ball down low, he’s still a big body guy, man, that know how to get space and has a good touch down there.
** What did you think about Trey Burke’s play tonight and progress throughout training camp?
You know what? You know, thinking about the entire time that he’s had with the summer league, he struggled a little bit there and going back into the body of work he put in all summer from that point on to get better™. He’s in great shape. It’s still a learning process for him, and he’s doing a good job of trying to pick things up, learning the tempo of the game, which gonna be good for him and good for us, where he can pick his spots to score because he’s a scorer by nature, but also being able to generate our offense and getting us in our sets and executing the plays. He’s getting better™, and we’re gon look forward for him to continue to get better™ for us.
** What do you think of the Enes Kanter-Derrick Favors combo?
It’s been great. We’ve seen it, you know, in the past, and you know, those two guys are used to playing with each other. That’s some of the process we’ve had in the last two years, is getting them familiar with each other. And they’re very comfortable with each other on the floor. They play off each other very well, and they’re gonna get a lot more minutes of those, that combination this year, at times.
** What did you see from Rudy Gobert tonight?
Big. Big inside. Controlled the paint. He’s getting better™ with communicating. He’s learning English a little bit better and being more vocal out there. So I thought he did a good job controlling the paint for us.
** On having four point guards on the roster right now with Burke, John Lucas III, Scott Machado and Lester Hudson
You know what? They are playing hard. It’s been great competition in practice everyday…It’s been a process for all of them. Lucas has the edge [because] he have a little bit more experience in this level.

Trey Burke
** How have you played this week and how did you play today?
I think I’ve been playing really good in practice. I think I’ve been doing a good job of getting everyone involved, and you know, picking and choosing my spots. You know, today, you know, it didn’t go the way I really wanted it to go for myself, but I think we did a good job of fighting all the way back.
** What are you thoughts on Scott Machado and Lester Hudson?
Both of ’em are really good. Scott is a really good passer, you know, and can get to the rim. And Lester’s a really strong guard, a good defender that can shoot the ball. So they’re both really good guards…Lester, you can’t really go under screens against him, you know, he’ll knock down the three. And then with Scott, you just always have to be, you know, on your toes, making sure, you know, you’re containing him, ’cause he’s such a good point guard with good vision. So, it’s great playing around ’em and been practicing with ’em.

Gordon Hayward
** How has training camp gone?
I thought it was a solid week for sure. You know, I think we’re still learning each other, still growing, and it’s good for us to have Karl [Malone] and the bigs. He’s able to work with them a lot, and you know, that’s really, really valuable for them to learn from a guy like that. And, so, I mean, I thought it was a good week.
** What did you see from Enes tonight?
I thought he was really patient tonight. You know, he’s doing a good job of reading the defense and kind of knowing when to attack and when he should pass out. I think, you know, we’re gonna be able to throw the ball into him and kinda let him operate a little bit there. And he should own that block.
** How much of the offense has been put in this past week?
A little bit of it. You know, there’s still a lot of stuff we have to add…It’s a work in progress for sure, but you know, like I said, I thought we did a good job tonight.
** Are you disappointed you couldn’t get Enes to dance?
I was, man. I told him it was an opportunity to be a fan favorite forever, if he got up there and did the worm again like he did last year. He was, I didn’t think he was gonna be that shy. Everyone wanted him to do it, and, but I guess he wasn’t up to the challenge.

Enes Kanter
** The night started off with you getting booed [for refusing to dance].
You know, oh man, I wasn’t ready. I didn’t got any moves. So they told me to dance and I was just, you know what, I got no moves…I was gonna do worm, but I’m so, I’m just so bad at it, so I just don’t, I just didn’t want to do it.
** How has training camp been for you?
It was probably the, one of the craziest week I had. You know, we work really hard, and also, I didn’t play, like, basketball almost six months. So you know, being my coach out there, being, you know, Karl’s out there, he help me a lot. You know, he help me to understand the game. And I’m still, you know, not even real 100 percent shape yet, because I still have, like, I’m still kind of feeling rusty, so you know, when time goes on, it’s gonna be better.
** How much have you played since you were cleared?
Two, three days before training camp, I just start playing five-on-five. And then in training camp, you know, I was kinda down because I was feeling real rusty…I was really down on myself. And you know, after that, I talk to Karl. I talk to my other teammates, and my other coaches. You know, they said, “You know, just calm down. It’s gonna come back. You know, you haven’t played like six months.” So you know, just been really good now. (Utah Jazz)

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  1. Diana permalink
    October 8, 2013 11:17 am

    LOVE that pic of Karl and Jerry (and yes I nearly typed John instead of Jerry)

    It was a fun scrimmage to watch, not as fun as a few years ago but still fun. Watching Deron, AK and the two Ronnies doing the 3 man weaves was so glorious.

    The dance off was a bit of a dud to me.

    • October 8, 2013 11:19 am

      Nothing will ever come close to the glory of Fes vs. Koof. Nothing.


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